11 Party Ideas That Are Way Better Than Yours

Drinking in houses gets a bit boring, spice up your sessions and demand your friends get involved in a few of these. It makes for way better memories and much more interesting photographs.

Silly Hats Party

This party is pretty self explanatory and is perfect for people who kind of hate dressing up but still want to get into the spirit of things. Wear a hat, any hat at all, keep it on all night - that's the only rule.

A.B.C Party

The Anything But Clothes party is a little different and more fun for guests who like to get a bit wild (especially guests who like to show off their nice, toned bodies). They can wear duct tape, a black sack, some tinfoil... Anything really - that's not actual clothes.


A.B.C Party 2

Anything But Cups, which really means anything but a typical drinking vessel. Everyone has to bring something to drink out of that isn't a glass or cup. Usually vases are brought but you will get the odd dog bowl and old boots.

Rubik's Cube

This is fun; everyone has to wear the six colours from the Rubik's Cube. As the night goes on, you must swap your items of clothing to make one whole colour. Yeahhhh, hilarious - now take off your top.


I Shouldn't Be Here Party

You have to come as someone who clearly should not be at the party, like in Scuba Diving gear, pajamas, a towel... etc.

Graffiti Party

Everybody has to come in as much white as possible but a mere white t-shirt will do. Buy all the coloured markers you can find and write messages on each other all night. Great flirting technique.


Three Parts Party

Three parts of clothing and that's it. Like three socks.

Blackout Party

All the light bulbs are removed in the house, few candles about and everyone brings torches. This can get very interesting.


No Phone Party

Phones locked in a cuboard as people come in. Yes they will bitch and moan for the first half an hour and then they'll actually start talking to each other like it was the sixties.

Hipster or Homeless Party

Hipster or homeless, come as either, get people to figure out which one you are.

Drinking Buddy Party

For this one you'll have to invest in a few pairs of handcuffs which are pretty cheap online (ahem). You match two people, preferably of the opposite sex together, and they have to finish a bottle of wine, vodka or a crate of beet together before they get unlocked.

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