11 Signs You Should Take A Break From Alcohol

So, it has been a messy couple of months. You feel like sh*t and your bones are crying out to you for some healthy food. This isn't the case for everyone but for some people now,  it is a perfect time to give up the liquor. If you are debating whether you should call it quits for a while, here are 11 Signs You Should Take A Break From Alcohol.

1) Fuzzy Memories

The last few weeks are quite the blur and you really aren't sure what happened and when it happened. You've been going out a lot and are feeling slightly ashamed because of it.

2) You're Broke

You have no money. You some how muster up the bare minimum for a night out but once the vodka hits your lips the overdraft is out. The overdraft in your account is quickly expanding.


3) Sickness

You have that vomiting bug or flu that is going around and you should try and get better. Nights out are so tempting but try and stay off the sauce until you have fully recovered.

4) Dramatic Kissing

You might have scored that guy/girl your friend likes or one of your mates girlfriends/boyfriends, so, it is time to calm down. Hang up your drinking hat and stay sober for the time being.


5) Exams Looming

If your exams are coming up you need to keep a clear head. One night out = a two day hangover, which means no studying for at least three days. Focus on the finals that are coming up and drink a lot when they are over.

6) Lose Weight

If you want to seriously lose weight before the summer you need to take alcohol out of your diet. It contains lots of calories and urges you to binge eat the two days after. Don't do it. Stay off the booze until you get to your holiday destination.


7) Vomiting Overload

If you find yourself vomiting in taxis or on yourself at the bar, it may be time to take a step back. A clean break, even be it two weeks or so, will do you the power of good. You will feel like a new man or woman after it.

8) Lost Property

If you have lost an iPhone or 5 recently you have two options. 1) Stop drinking for a bit and save money for a new one or 2) leave your phone at home. It is up to you.


9) Friends Time

If you need a long over due catch up with your friends that isn't at a table for pre drinks, a drink free time is what you need. Spend time doing sober stuff and save some money and dignity. Once summer hits all of this will go out the window.

10) Family Gatherings

Call me a loser but no booze might encourage you to hang out with your family more. If you hate your family this isn't for you but if you actually get on with them this could be a good opportunity.

11) Slutty Actions

If you have been with that one too many, maybe a drink free month is what you need. Obviously do what you want but if you are feeling guilty about your actions take a month off drinking. Then you might have yourself a fresh start once exams are over.


Lauren Rol
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Lauren Rol: A UCD graduate who spends most of her time watching the Soaps. A devout fan of Chinese food and a French Bulldog obsessive.

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