11 Snapchats We've All Sent & Immediately Regretted

Snapchat is honestly the greatest invention known to man: what other app lets you send pictures that disappear after 10 seconds or less?! But the screenshot feature...yeah, we're not huge fans of that. If the person on the receiving end of your snap has speedy fingers, that quick pic you sent isn't so quick any more. Thankfully you're not alone, but maybe try not to send these ones too much anymore...

1. The Overshare Snap


Ah sure, your best mate is probably okay with this one, but you definitely regret sending a snap to that random girl from maths class detailing the incredible sex you had last night. Oops.

2. The Boob Snap



Probably shouldn't have sent this one to that guy you like, might've given him the wrong idea...or the right one? Gwan, sure regret this one later.

3. The Vomming From Drinking Too Much Snap


Why do we keep sending these when we know how absolutely nasty they are? We never learn, do we?


4. The Drunk Rant Snap


When it goes on for a few hundred seconds to the same person, you know you probably shouldn't have sent that. Oh well, you were wasted, right? Exactly!

5. The "Karaoke" Snap



If you can even call it that. Normally in the car, squawking along tunelessly to the newest song on the radio. Honestly, this is the best kind of snap to regret.

6. The One Night Stand Snap


Oh no, this is always a regrettable snap. Bad enough that you've got a rando in your bed, but putting it on Snapchat is just a bit fucking stupid.


7. The Ugly Selfie


Make sure you're sending this to the right person. That guy you hooked up with last week might not find it as funny as your bff does...

8. The Weird AF Filter



Sure this one is good for your best mates, but we should probably just keep it to them, yeah?

9. The Blackout Drunk Snap


Ah, basically the reason Snapchat Stories exists, so that I can watch it back tomorrow when I've got The Fear to know exactly what I did.


10. The Bathroom Snap


C'mon, we've all sent it. Don't deny it.

11. The "That Might've Been Slightly Illegal" Snap



Literally why do Snapchat Stories exist?? Basically for me to make a fool of myself.


Video: 10 Most Embarrassing Snapchat FAILS

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