25 Things Everyone Who Uses Snapchat Knows To Be True

Before 2011, if I asked you what your Snapchat was, or if you wanted to take a selfie, you wouldn't have had the slightest clue what I was on about. Nowadays, things are a bit different to say the least; nearly every college student has the picture sharing app, and boy do we love it. Who would have thought sending images with a little caption could be so bloody addictive? While its usage varies from person to person, there's no doubting the influence it has on everyday life. If you don't send that many snaps, then you certainly receive them off people who do. Here at CollegeTimes, we've learned a few things by using Snapchat over the years...


1) From taking an inordinate amount of selfies, we now all know which side is our 'good' side.

2) No matter how hot you think you are, no one looks good taking a selfie from underneath your chin.


3) The importance of good lighting in a picture is massive, and we should try to avail of it when the opportunity arises.

4) Filters make everything, and everyone, look better.


5) And using a filter makes us wonder how much better life would be if we were tanned.

6) Fitting all of the information we want to convey into a 10 second video is a serious challenge. 


7) You feel proud when you bypass your word limit, and your sentence is still legible using the drawing tool.

8) The front facing camera acts as an undercover mirror, so that everyone can covertly keep themselves on point throughout the day.


9) That 'totes random' selfie where someone looks good probably took about 15 attempts.

10) Nearly everyone has a signature face they pull.

11) Letting people know you're having a good time by taking a video of yourself on the dancefloor of a nightclub is just as important as actually having a good time.


12) Everyone thinks they're the next David Guetta when they video themselves doing that stupid head bopping thing in the club as the beat drops.

13) When people are steaming and someone takes a video of someone's face up close, most people can't think of anything funny to say, so 99% of lads will stick their tongue out and then headbutt the camera, 99% of girls will blow a kiss. (Not so scientific fact...)


14) Taking a video of your friends while they think you're taking a picture never gets old.



15) Taking videos of your unknowing friends as they're eating, or talking shite, never ever gets old either.

16) Taking a snap of something that makes reference to having sex is a go-to for lads across the country.


17) Having to choose a caption for a snap turns some people into creative geniuses while it highlights how boring other people are...

18) Some people will take a snap of the most mundane shit ever just to put a story up.

19) Cooking a meal for yourself, something most of us should be able to do, is an acceptable reason to send a snap.


20) Any odd weather conditions such as floods, snow or high temperatures, is an obligatory story.

21) Snapchats changed policy of hiding your best friends from the rest of your contacts has made the app even better for snaking.


22) Sending out a snap which appears to be generic in nature like, 'aww so bored' or 'wish I was going out tonight' is a useful tactic for starting a conversation with someone you fancy without coming across as too keen. It's the go-to tactic for anyone trying to make a move on someone.

23) Basically anything we do that is outside the status quo has to be made visible to the Snapchat world.

24) In Ireland, posting a story of yourself sitting by the fire, or a picture of your Sunday dinner, is basically obligatory.

25) No doubt about it, the use of the app makes us all a lot more image conscious. Oh joy...

Colman Corrigan

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