11 Worst Things About Working In An Office

Almost everybody has, is, or will work in an office for some period of their life. You see your co-workers more than you see your actual family or friends. Your family and co-workers you're stuck with, but hey, at least you can choose your friends! Here are the 11 worst things about working in an office.

11. Infectiously ill people coming into work.

The worst of the worst. Wind, hail, rain or snow, a cold, chest infection, diarrhea or tonsillitis, this person will be in at 9am ready to start the day. Your boss loves him but the rest of the staff hate him. He arrives in spluttering coughs everywhere, sending snot rockets flying in every direction and shitting up the employee bathroom without warning. Go home for feck's sake!

10. The guy who eats his smelly lunch beside you.

He comes in with his packed lunch from 3 nights ago, nukes it in the microwave and then opens it up at his desk in front of you. 3 day old Thai green curry doesn't smell the best, but at least your nose will only be doing backflips while his stomach will be the one to suffer most!


9. Surviving a full Friday while hungover.

Arriving in on a Friday after soaking up a happy hour and full night of drinking the night before is a mammoth task to overcome. Hanging on for dear life from 9am to 5:30pm only to go and repeat it all over again. Why do we do it?

8. Time going really, REALLY slowly.

Staring up at the clock from your desk and watching the seconds tick - we've all been guilty of it, whether out of tiredness, boredom or near-insanity!


7. Having a cubicle.

Working alone inside of a 8x10 cubicle can be as grim as your office life will get. Only broken up during the day by your lunch break and frequent trips to the watercooler and bathroom.

6. Awkward elevator rides.

Making awkward small-talk in an elevator with a co-worker you barely know is excruciatingly painful! Nobody wants to talk about how windy it is outside or how many centimetres of rain fell over the weekend. Leave it out!


5. Noisy typers.

The button-basher who proceeds to smash his keyboard out of it as loudly as possible with his gigantic sausage fingers.

4. Co-workers who are clueless about technology.

Those co-workers you have to teach how to send an email, use the photocopier, and how to delete their web history for some reason? You really should know this stuff by now.


3. Being the new guy.

Walking into your new job for the first day can be a daunting task. Awkwardly saying hello to everyone, trying to remember everyone's name and pretending that you know what you're doing.

2. The guy who stands behind you staring at your computer screen.

The creepy guy who hovers above you from behind, breathing on your neck, and staring at your computer screen, without saying a word... You know who you are.

1. Meetings that drag on with no end in sight.

Boring meetings which seem to trawl on for hours making you daydream about doing this.

Ian Smith
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Ian is a contributing writer for CollegeTimes. He is currently partying his ass off for the Summer having spent the past 7 years at various colleges across the globe. While by no means an athlete, he considers himself a world class darts player... If you tweet him he will not respond.

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