12 Types Of Drivers You Find In Every College Car Park

For those who go to college in a location where it is appropriate to park, like UCD or DCU, you find many types of cars about the place. What each driver uses their car for and what state their car is in says a lot about their personality. If you find yourself driving to college everyday, but aren't quite sure what driver you are, find yourself in my list of 12 Types Of Drivers You Will Find In A College Car Park.

1) The Promoter

This car means business and it has all the evidence to showcase its students profession. Crates of Red Bull take up the boot and Vit Hit bottles surround the seats. Flyers are stuffed in the glove compartment and, you know one things for sure, this student is a promoter and proud.

Personality Traits: Happy, hyper and loving life.

2) The Sleep Deprived

This car may contain a blanket and pillow. These items may be used for naps during class. No one is judging you and no one needs to know either. You are the King of Naps. Always have been, always will.


Personality traits: Tired, clever and determined.

3) The Athlete

One things for sure when this guy or girl opens their car door 50 empty plastic bottles will fall out. They have a protein shake or 6 on the back seats and they have a permanent residency in the college gym.

Personality traits: Fit, focused and up for a night out. 


4) The Priss

This driver has a salon in her car. It is a make up machine and prepared for any occasion that may arise. She is ready for a date or night out at the drop of a hat.

Personality trait: Free, single and always clean.

5) The Tech Master

This driver is never short of an iPod charger or an adaptor. If you need a USB stick or an iPhone charger this is the guy to go to. Their car items hold all the wisdom and power that a student could ask for. You need them in your life.


Personality traits: Smart, flirtatious and up for a challenge.

6) The Smoker

They don't care that smoke can devalue a car as they live on the edge. They will smoke while driving, while parked and just about anywhere really. They are at one with life and nature.

Personality traits: Badass, carefree and makes their own rules.


7) The Pharmacy

Whatever you need they have. Neurofen Plus, Motilium, Sudofed, their glove compartment is all the pharmacy you need. They have 3 or more tubs of vaseline and plasters and our willing to share.

Personality traits: Cautious, up for a challenge and a hard worker.

8) The Food Disposal

This driver is messy and doesn't care. There are many Coke cans, crisp packets and snickers wrappers in their car. Sure they even let their friends leave their rubbish behind. This is a mess they do not want to tame.


Personality traits: Rebellious, laid back and pro rubbish.

9) The Scott Disick

Not to worry if you forgot to bring money for parking, this driver has all the coins you need. There are always coins lying around the place and they are surprised each time they find them.

Personality traits: Safety conscious, generous and ballsy.


10) The Clumsy

This guy or girl generally is spotted looking for their hat thats on their head or leaving their books on top of their car and driving off. It's not easy for them and they can't control it.

Personality traits: Careless, optimistic and ditzy.

11) The Ticket Collector

They never pay for parking when they have to and they always get caught. They have accumulated many tickets in their time yet they never pay.


Personality traits: Dare devil, confident and ambitious.

12) The Traffic Warden

There is always that college student that is very meticulous when it comes to the law. They will insist on living by the rules at all costs. If you ever give them a lift they will point out to you the laws of parking and look down on you if you don't obey.

Personality traits: Straight lined, intelligent and funny. 


Lauren Rol
Article written by
Lauren Rol: A UCD graduate who spends most of her time watching the Soaps. A devout fan of Chinese food and a French Bulldog obsessive.

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