12 Of The Worst Irish Tattoos Ever

12 Of The Worst Irish Tattoos Ever

The Irish are some of the most patriotic people in the world. They travel far and wide and tell people of their fair green land, and some even go to extreme lengths to show their allegiance to the Emerald Isle.

A tattoo is a great way to show what you care about but some of these Irish tattoos look like they were done by a toddler with a blindfold. Take a look at some of the worst Irish tattoos ever:

1. Swords is fine and all but really?

2. Yes, that's Muhammed Ali in a Gaelic kit. Why.

3. It means rage in Gaelic but it's just a bit too much, wouldn't you say?


4. How many leaves are on a four leaf clover again?

5. It's hard to say what this shite is.

6. May the Irish fairy of bad tattoo bless you all


7. Chewy + Irish flag = iconic

8. And 100% bad at colour schemes

9. No I'm right thanks.


10. Tribal tatts for days

11. Never forget.

12. This scared me a bit?

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Emma Greenbury
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Emma is an editor and writer from Brisbane, Australia and has been living in Dublin since September 2016 after she decided warm weather and beaches were overrated. She now wears three pairs of trousers every day and loves it.

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