13 Ridiculous Thoughts Every Girl Has While Trying To Do The Perfect Winged Eyeliner

One of the best feelings in the world is having killer winged eyeliner. You've only had that feeling like, once, because perfecting the cat eye is literally impossible. You're more likely to get hit by lightning. You're 80% more likely to have sex with Zac Efron. Getting into Harvard is easier. Am I being dramatic? Probably. This is why I don't cat eye.

1. I'm going to play "Feelin' Myself"  before I attempt this.

2. Oh god, this is super black. Superrrrrr black. No room for error.

3. My heart is racing.


4. Okay, slowly...slowly...

5. That looks...not bad! Time to go into the inner corner...


6. Oh dear god, what the fuck have I done.

7. It looks like I have goggles on.

8. Okay, relax, relax. You can fix this.


9. Why is eyeliner on my chin??

10. Okay stop crying stop crying, let's start over.


11. I'll start with my left eye this time, maybe it will give me better luck.

12. Okay...okay...looks great!


13. *Steps away from mirror, eyes are slightly uneven* Fuck this. I'm going back to bed.


How to: Perfect Winged Eyeliner! (Video)

Credit: EimearMcElheron.

Ciara O'Shea

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