13 Reasons You And Your Friends Should Have A Reality Show

We've all watched reality shows and thought "Wait, am I watching a documentary about me and my friends?" You guys are always told that your friendship is unreal and that you're all as insane as the Kardashians, and now you're thinking maybe you guys should broadcast it for the public to watch for themselves. Here are 13 reasons you and your friends should have a reality show of your very own:

1. People always tell you they would watch a reality show about you guys.


You basically already have a committed audience.

2. Being "live-tweeted" when you're out with your friends is the norm.


Whether you're all out for dinner or watching the new episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, someone is documenting the crazy things you guys say.

3. One of you always has a crazy weekend story.


None of you can seem to have a normal weekend - everyone has a drunken adventure to discuss by brunch on Sunday.

4. Your banter is unreal.


Seriously, maybe we should consider a talk show? #banter

5. Sketch comedy is something you guys have considered.


You've already written out a few ideas. You know, just in case.


6. Your Snapchat stories are 90% of your friends being hammered and ridiculous.

You all know your best chances of getting discovered is through the Snapchat comedy gold you produce on the daily. Alcohol just seems to make you guys funnier.

7. There's always that one friend that everyone gangs up on.


It's not that you bully this friend, but it's just very easy to make fun of them for some reason...


8. The adventures you go on always seem to have an unexpected turn of events.

You have ended up at the airport on a night out purely because why the fuck not?!

9. Your group is seriously incestuous. Everyone has hooked up with everyone else.



Rom-Com anyone? Maybe it's a bit more like Geordie Shore though...



10. You have an insane amount of inside jokes that people don't ever get but go along with anyway.


You guys seem to speak in another language sometimes, but the laughs never stop.

11. You all speak sarcasm fluently.


A very complicated and precise language.


12. Everyday situations always seem to turn into comedic gold.

There's no such thing as a boring day when you're all together, someone will inevitably fuck some shit up.

13. You have a loyal clique that everyone wants to be a part of.

Above all you have irreplaceable friends, and that's always the heart of every reality show. You guys are the JWoww and Snookie of modern reality tv.


Video: The Hills Most Dramatic Moments

Credit: Popsugar Entertainment. 

Ciara O'Shea

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