14 Common Misconceptions About Drink

You'd think having grown up in a nation that does quite a lot of boozing that we would know our drinking myths from our drinking truths? Apparently not however, according to some random sources all of the following misconceptions about alcohol can be proved, we just haven't been able to / didn't want to source them.


Beer Before Liquor Will Not Make You Sicker


Mixing Your Drinks Will Not Make You More Drunk



'Breaking The Seal' Is Not An Actual Thing


Booze can't actually make you Hallucinate



Alcohol Does Not Improve Your Performance In Bed 


When You Blackout You Can Never Remember What Happened... Ever 



Drinking Diet Drinks As Mixer Gets You More Drunk 


Drink Vodka Red Bull Doesn't Get You More Drunk 



Different Drinks Don't Make You Different Types Of Drunk 


Booze Doesn't Make You Tell The Truth 



Eating Before Drinking Doesn't Make You Less Drunk


Boozing To Fall Asleep Is Not A Thing



Coffee Wont Cure Your Hangover 


Neither Will Drinking More 

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