14 Moments When You First Realise You’re Actually An Adult

So, you turn 18 and your parents slowly but surely release you into the big and scary adult world. Don't worry, we all panic at first, but you'll soon realise being an adult and your own person is great, one example being you can have a pyjama day without your parents silently judging you. Cool, right?

1. You get giddy at the thought of buying new things for your house.

Oh my god, guys, look at how cool my new coffee machine is. Everybody ask me for a coffee RN.

2. You feel good after a cleaning day.

That's right, my house is fit for the Queen herself.

3. You wash, dry and iron all your own clothes.

I am such a domestic goddess, I can't even.

4. You can go on however many nights out as you like.

Without your parents judging your choice of lifestyle

5. Ikea is THE SH*T.


6. Money turns from fun to boring bills money.

Uh, is that bill really due again? What's that for? Netflix... wait, I am PAYING for Netflix *shocked face*...

7. Facebook is no longer fun for you, it's more of a chore now, to be honest.

Who even puts up a status anymore?

8. You can't relax until the pots are washed.

I can feel them burning into my soul demanding to be washed.

9. Christmas just doesn't quite have that edge anymore.


Don't get me wrong. Christmas time is amazing but I have to admit over the years it's lost its appeal somewhat

10. You make your own doctors/dentist appointment without begging your mum to do it.

That's right, I'm an organised person now. Receptionists don't scare me.

11. You start to get annoyed when younger people use their phone too much.

Erm, Hello?! I'm trying to have a face to face conversation with you, god damn it.

12. You stop getting excited when you get your own mail.


Bill... Bill... Bill...Oh look, another bill.

13. When you were younger you hated going to sleep, now it's your best friend.

Nothing slaps you in the face harder than a Monday morning.

14. You turn into your mum and agree with pretty much everything she says.


You notice you start saying your mums saying "Oooh no, have you seen the price of that?" Oh dear.


Credit: Signs You’re Still Not An Adult

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