29 Pieces Of Advice You Wish You'd Gotten In Your 20’s

Hindsight is 20/20, as the saying goes. It’s easy to look back on all the should’as, would’as and could’as, but making your own mistakes and learning as you go is pretty much the best way to live an interesting and storied life. Conventional wisdom tells you that your 20s are when you officially enter adulthood because you’re allowed to vote, drink, and rent a car. But in reality, your 20’s are a period of transition. Nowadays, no one really expects you to have your shit together until you hit 30. There’s certainly no instruction manual for life, and it’s ridiculous to think otherwise.


That being said, here’s a little food for thought that might take a few of the bumps out of the road to real adulthood.

1. It’s not just okay to fail; it’s necessary.


2. Ask questions instead of pretending to know everything.

3. Be who you are, not who you think you should be.


4. Perfection doesn’t exist.

5. Sex is not the pinnacle of human existence.


6. Your parents' dream for you doesn’t have to be your dream.

7. Learn to compromise, but never settle.


8. Regrets are learning opportunities, not baggage to carry around for the rest of your life.

9. Lying will always get you into more trouble than telling the truth.

10. Most of the time, other people’s opinions don’t mean shit.


11. The world doesn’t owe you a goddamn thing. You have to earn it.

12. Figure out how you define success, and then pursue it.

13. Live up to your own standards, but don’t expect other people to.

14. You get over getting your ass kicked much faster than you do chickening out.

15. A bully has never been the hero of any story.

16. People can change, but you can’t change them.

17. Plans are meant to be altered.

18. Right and wrong are often — but not always — relative.

19. Live below your means no matter how low they are.

20. Listen more than you talk.

21. Doing something you love is never a waste of time.

22. A little self-awareness goes a long way.

23. If you’ve done something wrong, apologize. If you haven’t, don’t.

24. If you’re always running down the work or opinions of others, you’re the one that comes off as an idiot.

25. The older you get, the faster things move. Keep the fuck up.

26. You can disagree with someone and support them at the same time.

27. There’s no excuse for being bored.

28. When something’s out of your hands, let it go.


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Credit: ThinkTank

Chuck Henderson

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