14 Thoughts Every Socially Anxious Student Has Before A Party

Any socially anxious student will know that even leaving the house in the mornings can cause some strange thoughts to run through their brains. Who am I going to see today? Will I have enough to talk about? Even meeting up with your good friends can cause some anxious thoughts. Of course you love your friends, but the lead up to hanging out in a big group can cause you some stress. It's always fine once you get there, but these are the 14 thoughts you have in the meantime.

1. I wonder what everyone is wearing, I don't want to be overdressed/underdressed.

2. What if there are people there I've never met before?


3. I hope I don't get into an awkward conversation with anyone. Can't even.

4. I really don't wanna go.

5. I'm too tired for this, I need to nap forever.


6. What if a guy I like tries to talks to me?

7. What if I'm talking to someone and literally have nothing to say.


8. I hope there's loud music, in case that happens.

9. I just shouldn't go. It's way too much stress...but I don't want to miss out. Fucking FOMO.


10. Okay I'll just drink a lot of alcohol and it'll be fine...




11. Will my friends be pissed if I back out?

12. My stomach is literally dropping at the thought of being around people.

13. Look at all of the effort I am putting in to being social, everyone better appreciate it.

14. I’m a goddamn social butterfly.

Áine O'Donnell

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