15 Annoying Things Your College Roommate Does On The Daily

1.They leave wet towels on the floor.

Towels do not belong here.

2. They turn the heat on to the MAX.

Heating on in August is unforgivable.

3. They NEVER empty the bins.


Yes the bin fairy comes and empties all the rubbish!

4. They cancel the recording of your favourite show.

You come home from a hard day of college to watch your favourite show, but no, they've deleted the recording! FFS.


5. They stay up all night making noise when you have an exam the next day.

SHUT UP, or I will hold you responsible for my failure at college.

6. They eat your fancy groceries and replace them with aldi, or worse, don't replace them at all.

You've been dreaming of the posh salsa all day only to come home and see it's been replaces by own brand ketchup.


7. They leave leftover food lying around for days on end.

This is just too gross.

8. They practically move their SO in.


I mean we are all for a sleepover but when your roomies' boyfriend moves in and can't clean his dishes or pay rent then there's a problem.

9. They have incredibly loud sex.

We get it, you're having a really good sex, but we do not all need a play by play of it.




10. They never buy toilet roll.

They don't even steal toilet paper on a night out and bring it home. Pure selfishness!

11. They leave a tiny bit of milk so they don't have to buy more.


Do not be this person!

12. They borrow your stuff without asking.

Please stay out of my closet if you haven't asked me beforehand.

13. They use your expensive cleanser.


When you buy a beautiful bottle of cleanser and go to use it and it's already half empty...this is unacceptable on so many levels.

14. They label Everything.

We get it, the diet coke is yours.

15. Exist.

Sometimes you just need some alone time.

Ciara Smyth
Article written by
My name is Ciara. I am founder of the blog Lipstick and Lime. I am from Cork and live in San Francisco. I love travelling, the colour black and pancakes!

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