16 Signs That You're An Arts Student

As an arts student, it can be extremely annoying when you have to keep defending your degree and why you're doing it. I mean, we have it hard enough with our jam packed 15 hour weeks, leave us alone for fucks sake. From constantly explaining to people what you want to do with your degree, to pretending we know what the hell that 1520's English Lit book is all about, here are 16 signs that you're an arts student.

1. People constantly ask you "So what can you actually do with your degree"?

Okay, so this is the most frustrating question of all time, especially on nights out. You can basically do anything you want with an arts degree so my answer is WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT.

2. You study extremely random things.


So what if Latin is a dead language, I'm studying it because it's soooo interesting (...And it was the only other option I could pick besides Maths.)

3. You pretend that you've read really impressive books.

"Yes, Ulysses is extremely interesting, isn't it mad how it's all set in one day?!" (I quote from that one lecture on it that I attended...)

4. You spend your time in the college bar instead of actually reading the 'important' books that you're supposed to.


Okay, so as an arts student we can't complain about hours. I mean we have next to none, but we do have heavy reading lists. So with our spare time what do we do? Ahh, sure who needs to read the book when we have the internet, to the pub it is!

5. Family relations always ask you "why did you pick arts?"

Ehmm because I love learning about Celtic Civilisations and the ancient Greek okay?! (I really had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and saw it as the best option...)

6. You sit alone in the majority of your lectures.


With 4 subjects and up to 500 students in each lecture, it can be impossible to find your friends, especially when you each have such different timetables.

7. You have a broad range of friends.

The great thing about studying arts is that you're studying a range of different subjects, which means you meet loads of new and different people. They're usually very open minded too and you get some great discussions going! (Like which is better; Supermacs or Mc Donalds?)



8. Referencing is the bane of your existence.

As an arts student, you're part of a few different departments, which can mean having to know multiple referencing systems. When Sociology use Harvard and English Lit use MLA referencing, it can be a disaster and waaaaay too easy to muddle up...

9. You haven't figured out what you want to do with your degree unless it's 1) Teaching or 2) Unemployment.


No no, I'm only joking, there are waaaay more options than this, but some people think teaching is the only one. If you're an arts student and don't want to teach, check out some post-grads that would interest you because an arts degree qualifies you for plenty!

10. Burritos are a way of life.

Boojum or Tolteca? That is the biggest debate us arts students have.


11. You're always having the craic.

Sorry non-arts students but it's just the truth! We have the spare time to have some fun.

12. Your google history is dominated by post-grads.

I mean if we want a job, it's what we gotta do....


13. You're the talkative one at a party.

"I mean, I love Psychology so I think I wanna be a psychologist, I am a great listener after all." We say as we ramble on...

14. You don't care what people say.


Call us 'dossers' or 'slackers' all you want, but we'll be the ones with the endless opportunities after college.

15. Netflix is your main study resource.

I'm studying film so that means lying in bed watching re-runs of Breaking Bad is ok, right?!

16. You conclude that being an arts student is fab. 

Endless possibilities, short-hour weeks and endless craic?! Yeah being an arts student is the best.

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