20 Worries That Go Through Every Student's Mind

Being a student is hard enough what with all of that super fun learning, studying and actual work to be done. But there's a common misconception that all that students worry about is their course work. Oh no, you could not be more wrong. Course work takes up about 15% of our worrying capacity. Here are 20 other things that constantly plague our brains on a daily basis...

1. Am I having enough fun?

2. Am I wasting my days?



3. Where should I be in my life, and am I there yet?

4. Am I falling behind the pack?


5. Who is that and why are they doing so well in life?

6. Should I be going out more?

7. Should I be staying in more?


8. Am I spending my money the correct way?

9. Should I be going to more concerts?


10. Should I be going to art exhibitions?

11. Am I socialising enough?


12. Am I having enough 'me' time?

13. Should I be doing more to prepare for my career?


14. What is my career going to be?

15. Am I making time for the right people?


16. Am I getting fatter?

17. Is my liver going to explode?


18. Should I quit drinking?

19. Why do I keep going back to that same person?

20. Where's the chocolate?

Áine O'Donnell

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