16 Fashion Mistakes Men Make Every Summer

Because the Irish summer only lasts for three and a half days every year, it seems that some guys just never learned how to dress well in the sun, and just decide to wear what's comfortable. But this is not okay, and guys should try and look good all year round. So just avoid these mistakes that a lot of guys tend to make and you'll be good to go.

Socks And Sandals

The ultimate fashion faux pas for any guy. The assumption is that most of you reading this article know that this is not a good look, but just in case...



There is only one time that is acceptable for anyone over the age of 14 to wear a jersey, and that is if they are training or exercising. Or if there actually going to a match to support that team (just about). Anything other than that and you just look childish. Buy some real t shirts please.



T-Shirts With Slogans

They're funny for about 3 seconds, and they don't usually fit that well either.



The Topless Look

Although in fairness, if you're wearing the jersey and considering the shirtless look, please keep it on. Irish men seem to think that once the sun comes out, that is an excuse to take off their top and bare their pasty white torso for all to see. Regardless of body shape, this is just not a good look. Actually the better shape your in, the more of a douche you look.


Long Socks With Shorts

Buy ankle socks. For the love of god please buy ankle socks. Or just don't wear any socks, I don't care. Your legs should be bare from the end of your shorts to the top of your shoe.



Asics With Anything

I don't need to explain this, just ask the nearest girl to you.



Short-Sleeve Shirt And Tie

If you work in an office and have to wear a shirt and tie, sunny days can be quite uncomfortable. But resist the temptation to ease the discomfort by wearing a short sleeved tie. You'll end up just looking childish. But long-sleeved shirts made of a lighter material instead.


Flowery Shorts

Another thing that still seems to be quite popular among Irish men, especially when combined with a GAA jersey. Yes it is ok to wear them if you're at the beach or going swimming. No it is not to wear them at any other time. And even the flowery swimming shorts aren't really that fashionable any more.



O'Neill's Shorts

I don't know if guys just wear these because they don't own any other shorts, but whenever you're on holiday it is always a great way of spotting the Irish guys. Not that you should see any.



Baggy Shorts

These were popular about five or ten years ago, especially with big pockets on the sides. So if you still have a pair it's probably time to replace them. You just end up looking like you have skinny little chicken legs with them on.


Short Shorts

This seems to be a relatively new fashion trend, and although it is preferable to the baggy shorts option, there is a limit to how short they can go. They also shouldn't be too skinny. Some guys where shorts that just look like they're too small for them.



Sport Sunglasses

Sport sunglasses are those wraparound sunglasses that runners and cyclists wear to keep the sun out of their eyes while not falling off their head. They are specifically designed for sporting activity. Wearing them is like wearing bike shorts everywhere you go.



Deep V Necks

I don't care how much you bench at the gym and how much hair you waxed off your chest, you look like a dick.



Just no.




The fact that the name is derived from domestic abuse should be a hint to the fact that you probably shouldn't wear them, and unless you're Ryan Gosling you probably won't be able to pull it off anyway.



Big Chains

A lot of people who like to take their shirt off in the sun also seem to be a fan of the big chain around their neck and wrist. Small, simple jewellery can actually look quite nice, it just shouldn't be so in-your-face.

You can probably tell at this stage that there is one particular gentleman that you should you not take any fashion tips from.



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