The 16 Kind Of Guys You'll Find In Each Of These 16 Dublin Bars

We've all been out on the prowl in Dublin. No matter if it just the once for your cousin's hen party, if your just studying in Dublin or you are a Dublin native then you've been to at least three of these places, if not definitely number one. In the bars upon bars in Dublin you'll find different places attract a certain genre of guys. These guys have there good sides... and their drunk sides. These are the 16 kind of guys you'll find in each of these Dublin bars.


16. Workman's Club

Age range: 18 - late 20's

Workman's can be seen as the Indie version of Coppers really, considering that it's almost impossible not to pull here. With the decent drink prices you'll find yourself in a drunken sea of beards and checkered shirts. He'll talk you about his band, his film course or the theatrical performance he gave today at his day job in Tesco. This guy is great if you have faith in the arts and love a good beard, but don't think for a moment he'll buy you dinner.


15. Doyles

Age range: 18 - 23

One of the Trinity students hot spots, you're guaranteed to find yourself chatting to a philosophy major about the existential crisis you're suffering from in your second year in college. After thirteen cigarettes, several pints and a bop to Queen together, you'll find yourself thinking this lad is awful good craic, but a bit... fridget.

14. Cassidy's

Age range: 23 - early 30's


Going slightly older with this niche little rock bar. But supposedly men, like cheese (and George Clooney), get better with age. Don't expect to be interacted with unless you look semi-quirky though. What you'll swiftly realise when the lad chatting you up shows you his tattoo of his band's logo and shares his love of Rolling Stones with you is that he probably hung out in the Workman's a few years ago.

13. Krystle

Age range: 20's - early 40's

Too posh for Coppers and enjoys looking down at the plebs in Dicey's, this lad is kind of a twat, but he's feckin minted. If you're worthy of this guy's presence than expect conversations involving paleo, weight-lifting and about how much they love rugby almost as much as themselves.



12. The Living Room

Age range: 18 - 25

Picking up at The Living Room is a bit like blindly shoving your hand into a Pic'N'Mix. You'll find sports lovers, students, eastern europeans, a few dodgy figures and intimidating bouncers. It's whatever you fancy here really, either way you'll definitely be scoring a massive sports fan with little in their wallet.

11. Pygmalion


Age range: 20's.

If you're into people who's ego is on ecstasy and listen to indie/hip-hop with a crunchy vibe, then look no further. Don't expect any ordinary looking beards either, only goatee's and moustaches allowed on the premises. If you're considered cool enough to interact with the bloke with a sailor tattoo and plugs then you're in luck! He'll read his poetry to you and share his DJ demo with you, just tell him he's great, if you ever want hear from him again.

10. Fibber MaGee's


Age range: Anything

A true rockers bar, no doubt you'll find yourself being chatted up by either a band t-shirt wearing rocker, with an untamed beard and a passion for Metallica. Or a long-haired, badge wearing band member who will talk about his interests including music, music and more music.

9. The Pav

Age range: 18 - 22

Although it's location may be in the grounds of Trinity not everyone here goes there. On any given summers eve you'll find the field full of students from all over the place. You'll end up talk to some lad who accidentally kicked the football into your face and gave you a can as a way of saying sorry. Hey, anything better than saying you met on Tinder right?



8. The Palace

Age range: 17 - 21

Shirts. Shirts everywhere. Not business looking shirts. Shirts bought by their Mammies for going out in the 'big shmoke'. This lad will only have ever hit on the girls in his local town in the back arse of Galway therefore will have zilch manners when it comes to talking to women. OR they will be D4's fresh out of Gonzaga's and have just started in UCD. Either way, they're both here on a society night out.

7. Dicey's


Age range: Whatever

It's unwritten knowledge that Dicey's is the Brazilian embassy in Dublin. This guy is definitely passionate about everything, is mannerly and up for a party any day of the week. You'll find yourself having the absolute bops with this guy, unfortunately he's not too fluent en ingles, and before you know you're playing drunken charades in the smoking area. Disaster.

6. Play Night Club

Age range: 18...

Previously known as 21's, which was ironic considering it used to be basically an under 18's disco, this place plays home to those who are just above the legal drinking age. The lads here will be wearing super cool snapbacks and be well into their hardcore "hip-hop" (Lil John/Lil Wayne).


5. Alchemy

Age range: 18 - 20

Well-dressed, gelled hair, young gents who are out with the lads. Most concerned with finding a hottie to score the face off than anything else, this lad will do most things in order to get you to kiss him. Not out of insecurity, just out of inexperience. Sure bless him, he just wants to be one of the lads.

4. Whelan's


Age range: 21 - 30's

Musicians, musicians everywhere. You'll find any member of the orchestra hanging around this bar. When it comes to the chats though, you'll find that all musicians are actually music teachers/bartenders. The conversation will be constantly interrupted with them bursting into song, or cracking out a tune on their ukulele. Don't say you haven't been warned.

3. The Village

Age range: 18 - 22

Blurry eye contact will shortly lead to flirty conversation and cheeky bop. This guy has come with his class mates and is up for some serious banter. Don't be surprise if you find him later in the night downing 3 shots of Jager in a row, that's just his style.


2. The Airport Bar

Age range: 18 -  24

It could be anyone, from anywhere. Oh the excitement! You got an hour until your flight starts boarding and your mates are still in Mac figuring out which blusher they want to get, while you're in the bar preparing yourself for the week ahead. You start talking to a group of lads heading to the same resort as you, making strict eye contact with the babe in the Jack & Jones t-shirt. Oh well hello there summer romance *wink* *wink*.

 1. Copper Face Jacks

Age range: Does it really matter?

There are many walks of life you'll find in Coppers, mostly creeps though. But it is the grandaddy of all places to pull in Dublin, just make sure your sober enough not to make too bad of a life decision. And if you have been to Coppers (which is more than likely), you know the soulless feeling you wake up with the next morning. You probably thought that you looked hot as shit last night while getting stuck into that guy...with that name... you so clearly remember...

Catherine Munnelly
Article written by
Catherine Munnelly is a colourfully-haired UCD graduate with a degree in reading books. A pint-sized bundle of wisdom, she has mastered the game of Flip-Cup, enjoys the company of bearded-men and despises rude people. When she's not writing or talking about her dog, you'll find her wandering around Europe telling folk that Leprechauns exist and Bono's her uncle.

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