17 Things Every Man Should Know How To Do

As a general rule, every man goes through his life, constantly disappointing women at every turn. It doesn't matter if he's trying to impress them, or help them, or even charm them. Chances are he's going to be a let down. But at least if he learns to do the things on this list, he might cut down on the amount of situations where he's a disappointment. Whether you think they're stereotypical or not, every man should know how to do how to do all of these things.

17. Make One Signature Meal.

And not something easy like pasta. Also nothing that is microwavable counts. Learn how to cook a proper meal, with meat and veg and everything. And possibly a home-made sauce, if you want to be really fancy.

16. Use A Barbeque.

The most manly of cooking utensils, it doesn't have to be used in conjunction with your signature dish, just make sure you can cook meat on it.


15. Drive A Car.

This is a big one in terms of gaining your independence as a man. Don't worry about buying a car for now, just make sure you can drive one of your parents' cars.

14. Sew A Button.

One thing a man shouldn't have to rely on his parents for, particularly their mother, is replacing any buttons on his shirt, or trousers. An easy-to-follow guide can be seen below. Learn it. Study it. Become one with it.


13. Change A Tire.

For the times when you're out driving your parent's car and you find a young woman stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire. You stop the car, change her tire, fall in love and live happily ever after (of course I know that many women can change a tire on a car, so guys are just going to have to try to find a different way of falling in love with them).

12. Mix One Signature Cocktail.

Much like the signature meal, every man should be able to get people drunk in their own special way.


11. Jump-Start A Car.

For the time when the stranded woman doesn't have a flat tire, but has a dead battery instead, and still needs to be rescued. Cue love story.

10. Wire A Plug.

One of the most stereotypically manly things on this list, but just because it's stereotypical doesn't mean that all men shouldn't know how to do it. Just don't practice on a live one and hurt yourself before you know what you're doing. Obviously.


9. Tie A Tie.

Most guys will have learned to tie some sort of a tie knot from the time they spent in secondary school. But at this stage every man should learn to tie more complicated knots, like the windsor, the half-windsor, and the pratt. They just look better, and as a result, so will the man wearing it.

8. Dress Appropriately.

And dress well while doing it. Not every occasion calls for a shirt and tie, just like some occasions require more than a t-shirt and jeans. Know what to wear, and how to wear it.


7. Groom Properly.

Above and below the belt. I don't think I need to go into any more detail than that.

6. Polish A Pair Of Shoes.

Every man should own a pair of good leather shoes for a start, and should be able to look after them. Leather shoes require a lot more maintenance than most other kinds, but it's worth it.


5. Do More On A Computer Than Just Use Facebook.

In fairness, going to college will force you to learn how to use things like how to type up essays and make presentations. But it's still important for a man to learn these things even if they haven't gone to college. Who knows how valuable computer skills might be in the next job interview, and it's amazing how many people still aren't great with them.

4. Play A Song On Any Instrument.

And not something like twinkle twinkle little star. Something romantic, to help girls who aren't stranded on the side of the road fall in love with you.


3. Give A Good Massage.

This may or may not lead on to other things, so it can't hurt to try. And worse case scenario, you get a back rub in return, so everybody wins. Unless the other person is sh*t at them, in which case my bad.

2. Use The Washing Machine.

I will admit that my mother still washes my clothes at home. But at least when she's away I can do it myself and not have to wear the same pair of boxers for a week.

1. Iron Clothes.

Same goes for ironing clothes. Just learn how the iron works. It's not complicated.

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David has the most relevant qualifications of all of the writers at CollegeTimes, having just completed 3 years of an Electrical Engineering degree in UCD.

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