Super-Easy DIY Halloween Decorations That Any Old Eejit Could Make In 15 Minutes

Super-Easy DIY Halloween Decorations That Any Old Eejit Could Make In 15 Minutes

This is Halloween, this is Halloween.

Halloween is undoubtedly my favourite time of the year. Between dressing up and decorating the house, people are really starting to go all out.

Here are some easy, cheap and creative ways to make your house look super spooky this year.

1. Scary floating eyes

This idea is super cheap and effective and will cost you less than a euro to make.




2. Easy bin-bag spiderweb

This deadly spiderweb takes only three items to make and is super-effective.


3. DIY jar mummy

All you need is:

Gauze, sticky tape, googly eyes, an old spaghetti sauce jar.


– Wrap the self-adhesive gauze around the jar.

– Using the sticky tape, stick on the eyes and hey presto you're all set.


4. Jack Skellington door

All you need is:

Black paper and electrical tape.


– Simply cut out the template shown above.

– Trace the outline of the mouth with tape, stick on the black paper.




5. Mandarin pumpkins


All you need is: Mandarine and a sharpie! Literally draw your design and it's done.

Are we getting a bit lazy? Yes. Do we care. No. No we do not.


6. Floating balloon ghosts

What you need:

Balloons, glow-sticks, a sharpie.

  1. Break the glow-stick until it starts to glow.
  2. Place it in the balloon, blow it up.
  3. Draw on your own spooky face.


7. Cannibal pumpkin

This takes pumpkin-carving to the next level and it's super-easy.

All you need: 1 large and 1 small pumpkin, a carving knife, a tea-light(optional).

Carve the design into the large pumpkin, be sure to not make the mouth too large, then place the smaller pumpkin in the mouth.

So cool and easy.


Ciara Finnegan

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