18 Things Only People Who Met Their Best Friend At College Will Understand

18 Things Only People Who Met Their Best Friend At College Will Understand

There's nothing like making a best friend when you get to college. You think that no-one will ever surpass your secondary school BFFLs but to your disbelief, you have found someone who matches all the criteria. Here are some things you'll understand if you met your best friend when you started college...

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1) Your first impressions of them were awful.

I can almost guarantee you guys hated each other's guts when you first met. Thankfully the more time you spent around each other, the more you realised she isn't actually a slut and she isn't actually a dry bitch.

2) Your bonding sessions began over pre-drinks.


Ah, the infamous sessions. How else could you possibly get to know someone in college? There's only one game we're playing tonight: Never Have I Ever.

3) You noticed similarities that only you two shared.

Same amount of milk in your tea, same taste in music; you guys even buy the same brand of cheese! Surely it's a sign that you're friends for life.

4) You learn their entire life story in one night.


DMCs until 4am aren't uncommon with the two of you. You're so comfortable talking about anything that the conversation keeps flowing and before long you feel like you know the past eighteen years of their life.

5) Food is at the heart of your relationship.

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When you can honestly share chocolate without resenting every square that enters their mouth, that's when you know you've found a best friend.

6) It's never too late at night for a bedtime snuggle.


You supply the duvet, I'll supply the hot chocolate. That's our night in sorted!

7) You feel like you've known them ten years, not ten months.

How is it even possible that a few months ago you were completely unaware of their existence?! That's just not right. You guys were definitely soulmates in another life.

8) You alternate making hangover food for each other after nights out.


Not only that, you also take it in turns waking each other up for early lectures on a Friday morning. If that's not true friendship, I don't know what is.

9) You clean the kitchen together in perfect synchronization.

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You wash the dishes, she dries and puts them away. You brush the floor, she starts the mopping. You clean the cupboards, she cleans the fridge. That's what I call ideal roomies.

10) Your bed is their bed.


It really doesn't matter whose bed you hop into after a night out because chances are you'll be joined by your amigo shortly after. Unless of course they've got company. Well...

11) It takes literally no effort to persuade them.

"Pizza again tonight, yeah?" Did you really even need to ask?

12) Saying goodbye to them at the weekends is always tough.


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Even if it's a regular two-day weekend and you'll be seeing each other again on Sunday. TWO DAYS IS TOO LONG, GOD DAMN IT.

13) If there is ever a house argument, you will always be on the same side.

It may have actually been you that didn't empty the bins when you were supposed to, and your BFF is fully aware of that, but you guys will always defend each other nonetheless. I feel sorry for the rest of the housemates...

14) A night out without them is never as good.


The only reason you get mad at them when they're too pissed to leave the house is because you know your night won't be the same without them. Who are you going to dance with when your jam comes on? A different friend? Ew, no way. That's pretty much like cheating.

15) They know when you need to get your shit together and they're willing to help you in any way.

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Sometimes you need a person that will slap you *metaphorically* across the face and tell you to get a grip of your life. Your best friend is that person, mostly because they love nothing more than giving you a hard time now and again.

16) You know way too much about their sex life for them to ever fuck you over.


Oh, ho ho, you definitely don't want to drink the last of my vodka tonight. Who knows when the story about the 8-inch penis and the banana will resurface...

17) You've imagined travelling the world with them on more than one occasion.

You've thought about it a thousand times and there's literally no-one you'd rather have with you when you explore the globe. Who else would take those shameless tourist selfies with you?

18) You've already decided you're living together for the rest of your college lives.

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One year just wasn't enough. Looks like you guys are roomies for life.

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