19 Things That Will Definitely Happen To You In College This Autumn

We get a bit excited in Autumn. In the next few months we'll have Halloween and (omg) Christmas. PLUS we get to eat loads of hearty dinners and wear lots of attractive knitwear. Having said that, not everything about this season is great. College work will start piling up as we reach the end of the term, the days will get shorter and, of course, pretty much everything will be cold all the time.

If you're looking to prepare yourself for Autumn 2014, here are 19 things that are pretty much guaranteed to happen over the next 3 months...

You will forget your umbrella

And you won't look like this

You'll look more like this


Your feet will be ill-equipped for the weather

You will wear too many layers

Somebody will steal your amazing Halloween costume idea


And one of your mates will go as something slightly too offensive

Regardless of your costume, you'll still end up looking like a complete mess

You'll start seeking refuge from the bad weather in the uni library


Getting an extra hour's sleep when the clocks go back will make you extremely happy

You will miss a tutorial and send an excuse email explaining that you "have the flu"

You will then actually get the flu


You will have a small weep on Sundays, thinking about how much you miss your mum's roast dinner

You will raid all the charity shops for warm jumpers


And you'll embrace your new winter boots

Epic wars will be waged over whether or not to turn on the heating...

...and who used up all the hot water


Spiders will invade your house

Along with ice cold draughts

But you will comfort yourself with hot chocolate and a good book in bed

And of course, your Blanket will become your most cherished possession

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