20 Signs That Christmas Is Over

20 Signs That Christmas Is Over

1. You can't understand how your friends still have enthusiasm for more nights out

2. You overreact to hearing Christmas songs still playing in the supermarket

3. You miss having drinks with every meal

4. You’ve already given up on your ‘New Year New Me’ resolution


5.  The TV is back to its normal boring schedule

6. You’re in a permanent state of hangover

7. And you sleep in until 3pm every day


8. You’re also convinced you’re dying as a result of said hangover

9. You've become emotionally attached to Harry Potter after watching all the movies on TV

10. Every day consists of a trip to the January sales


11. You immediately dismiss anyone who mentions going back to college

12. Your eighty-five relatives who were down for the holidays have all returned home

13. You’ve spent so much money you don’t know how you’ll survive next semester


14. Family members stage an intervention about how much food you’ve consumed

15. You go to the gym to prove you’re still in perfect shape

16. The weather is no longer ‘Christmassy’ but a threat to life as we know it


17. You react badly to lecturers’ emails about the upcoming semester

18. But you feel smug around friends who have exams after Christmas

19. You pack your belongings and say a teary goodbye to your bed as you return to college…

20. Only to find it hard to leave the Christmas state of mind

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Ciara Treacy

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