23 Simple Beauty Tricks That Every Irish Girl Needs To Know

23 Simple Beauty Tricks That Every Irish Girl Needs To Know

Every girl loves a good beauty hack – but they can be hard to find.

Well, struggle no more, because we've rounded up the ultimate list of the best beauty tips and tricks to keep you looking flawless.

Whether it's how to keep your lipstick on all night or giving that old nail polish a new lease of life, here are the beauty tricks you need to know.

1. The easy way to get rid of mascara on your face

Wait for it to dry, dip an ear-bud in some make up remover and dab the mascara until it disappears.

2. How to whip up a home-made hair mask for shiny hair

Using avocados, no less! Check it out here.


3. The unexpected secret to transforming old nail polish

Pour in some nail polish remover to make it smooth again.


4. And how to make that lipstick last all night

Apply lipstick as usual, tear some tissue paper until you have only one layer, dab some translucent powder over your lips with a brush and you'll have gorgeous lips for the whole evening.

5. The Vaseline trick to tame eyebrows


Simple enough – dab some Vaseline on eyebrows to keep them in place all day.

6. ... and for perfect painted nails


7. Highlighter will make yer lips POP

Apply to your cupid's bow for an instant plumping effect.

8. Split-ends can be fixed – easily


Wrap hair around itself, grab a scissors and snip the ends of hair in an upward motion. Easy peasy.

9. Heating your curler will make it more effective


Makes sense when you think about it.

10. Coconut oil is a top-notch make up remover


Rub some on a cotton pad and watch it work its magic.


11. ... as well as an unreal dry hair treatment

Rub onto the ends of hair for a deep condition before your normal shower routine.

12. You can use credit cards get that perfect winged eye-liner



For everything else, there's MasterCard.

13. Lining and curl your lashes at the same time IS a thing



14. Adding moisturiser can fix up foundation that's too dark for you


It will lighten it up and be a perfect match.

15. Black eye-shadow can tide you over if you've run out of liner

Dip your eyeliner brush in water and rub on top of eye shadow – so easy.


16. You can give mascara a new lease of life using contact solution

Drop a few drops directly into the tube for an instant refresh.


17. The wonders of DIY gel eyeliner



18. An old toothbrush will clean out your hairdryer – and make it work better

Simple as rubbing the toothbrush into the back of the hairdryer to get rid of those stray hairs.

19. This is how you use hair slides


Yep. You've been doing it wrong – and you'd be amazed how much more effective this way is.



20. Your nail polish will dry faster if you soak your nails in ice water

Finally, a solution!

21. Dried tea bags will instantly freshen shoes




22. You can de-puff those eyes using cold green tea bags

Tea. Is there anything it can't do?

23. And finally... you can use Vaseline to make perfume last longer

Place a dab before you spray for a scent that will last all day.


Ciara Finnegan

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