25 Things Every Daydreamer Knows To Be True

Daydreamer's have it pretty good, you may not be able to focus but at least you can daydream. The ability to focus is something that you're born with, or take prescription medication for. For those out there that weren't born with that ability and have probably already stopped reading this, keep on daydreaming. You're never bored and it might take you forever to do something if you even do it at all but at it's gonna be creative as hell.


1. Zoning out in a conversation.

2. Then snapping back in not knowing what the fuck is going on.


3. Pretending you know what's going on.



4. Repeating the last words you heard so it seems like you're listening.


5. Or when you only snap back when they've stopped talking.


6. Trying to remember if you heard anything.


7. Drawing a blank. "I'm listening, go on."


8. Those times you venture to take a guess.



9. The look on someone's face when you guess.


10. The satisfaction you feel when you get it right.

11. Telling yourself you are going to focus.



12. Realizing after a few minutes that you've done it again.


13. Being a complete failure at studying or taking notes.



14. The amount of lectures you were given for not being able to focus.


15. When your mind goes to a completely insane place.

16. Then asking yourself what the fuck is wrong with you.



17. Guzzling caffeine and Ritalin during essay and exam time.


18. Asking the doctor if they're sure you don't have ADD.


19. Not hearing the doctor's answer because you've drifted off again.



20. Missing your stop on the bus because you were in a whole other world.

21. Friends getting really frustrated with you.


22. When sneaky photos are taken and you were daydreaming again.



23. When someone tries to explain something technical to you and two words in you already know you aren't gonna register a word of it.


24. Having to read the same paragraph dozens of times.


25. Stopping halfway through a sentence because you're already thinking about something else.


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Sean Quigley

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