27 Things To Do When You're Bored

27 Things To Do When You're Bored

  1. Search the internet

  2. Update your social media profiles

  3. Take a bike ride

  4. Start a new book

  5. Watch a Netflix movie (or 3)

  6. Start a new Netflix series

  7. Or if you're like me, continue watching one of the 5 you’ve already started

  8. Go for a walk

  9. If you're a go-getter-- go for a run

  10. Do some yoga

  11. Take a nap

  12. Make friendship bracelets for your friends 

  13. Make a music playlist

  14. Organize your room

  15. Better yet, organize your life

  16. Make some food or batch cook for the week and be an organised boss 

  17. If you're not feeling that, order some food

  18. Do a facemask or, better yet, make one


  19. Call a friend you haven't seen in ages 
  20. Online shop!!

  21. Play with your dog or find an animal to befriend 

  22. Bake some cookies

  23. Try not to eat all of the cookies


  25. Annoy your siblings

  26. Update your resume (woo adulting)

  27. Start journaling

Kaili Sager

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