7 Ways To Beat Boredom This Summer

Summer is the best time of the year right? No classes, no assignments, no alarm clocks and all your friends are back from college. But having tonnes of time to do whatever you want whenever you want means you have tonnes of time to put off doing anything actually productive. That's a really quick way to get bored and frustrated with being at home after a couple weeks of it. So what to do? Here's 7 options for ya...

1. Getting A Job

Right, doesn't exactly sound like major fun and it probably won't be but what it does is it gives you money. Money can be exchanged for goods and services you can use when you have time off. Time off is way more appreciated when you've been working and missing a few days. Plus if you save a bit you can have extra fun in college, maybe even a decent house.

2. Day Trips

If you can drive or you know someone that can then don't waste your summer at home or in the same town. Use this time to go away for a day or even a weekend. Getting drunk on the beach? Getting drunk at a funfair? Getting drunk somewhere that isn't your local bar/friends house? Yes fucking please.

3. Getting Fit


...typing this as I sit here surrounded by takeaway pizza. BUT! Summer is probably the best time to get fit. You mightn't have your summer bod ready but you aren't gonna go for a run or a hike when it's freezing rain. Plus it'll take some of the guilt off you from hanging around in the house while the sun is blazing hot outside. You don't need an overpriced gym, most parks have fitness machines you can use, and you can just do bodyweight exercises wherever you are. Having lots of sex counts btw.



4. Hit The Beach

You aren't going to get to enjoy the beach at any other point in the year. Head down, enjoy the lukewarm water and the sand lodged in your crack.


5. Forget About TV

TV is for the night time. Generally being inside all the time is going to bring you down and you'll have pent up energy you aren't using. There's very little time we get to spend outside in this country, at least outside without a rain jacket so make the most of it.

6. Date

Everyone is back from college in the summer. You'll probably meet a bunch of people you fancied in school but never got the chance to talk to. Summer is a great time for relaxing, romantic dates. You can go for a walk, a picnic, go to lunch and enjoy the outside tables.

7. VayCay!


Setting up a bunch of mini holidays is a great way to break up the boredom of the summer. Firstly you get to travel and enjoy different places, secondly you can space out the boredom so you have something to look forward to, which you'd be surprised how effective that can be. Win-win, my friends.


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Credit: our2ndlife

Sean Quigley

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