29 Things 'Kids These Days' Will Never Understand...

Kids these days are spoilt with the amount of technology available to them. I'm still pretty young, but I had to endure a serious amount of pain growing up, and by pain I mean having to wait fucking forever for something to download on Limewire...

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1. The disappointment of downloading a song from LimeWire and it being some shitty version.

2. That heartbreaking moment when you tried to burn a CD and weren’t able to because there wasn’t enough space.

3. Going to the library and looking through so many books to work on something... And Encyclopaedias

4. Or having to use Encarta.

5. Trying to figure out directions with a physical fold-out map.

6. Waiting for dial-up internet.

7. And then getting disconnected when your mom picked up the phone.


8. Renting a VHS and finding that someone disobeyed the “be kind, please rewind” policy.

9. And not being able to skip to a certain scene with the click of a button.

10. Omfg, this:

11. Waiting 800 years for files to download or save on your Gateway.

12. Running home from school to make it in time to see music videos on MTV.

13. Saving all your shit to a floppy disk.


14. Trying to listen to your music while exercising, but the CD player keeps skipping.

15. CALLING to book a flight.

16. These things.

17. Looking through a phone book to find a number.

18. Spending hours upon hours trying to perfect your AOL profile page.

19. And your Myspace page.


20. Waiting for your favorite song to come on the radio so you could record it to a tape.

21. Wanting to know the lyrics to a song but the booklet in front of the CD case only has the song titles.

22. Scratching your CDs and not being able to listen to your fave playlist.

23. Blowing on your cartridges to “fix” your Nintendo game.

24. Planning to meet up with a friend when you really don’t feel like it, but they’re already on the way and you have no way of contacting them.

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25. Missing the final episode of your favorite show and having to wait till next summer to find out what happened.

26. Answering the phone without knowing who was calling.

27. Or taping a TV show over an old home video by accident.

28. Recognizing an actor but not being able to find out who it was.

29. And not being able to stream endless cat videos anywhere, any time.

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