20 Things Only 90's Kids Will Understand

As a kid of the 90's, it seemed like there was a new fad every couple of months that you had to be in on. Life seemed so simple and having a phone other than the Nokia 3210 seemed very strange. There was no internet, no iPhones and certainly no Facebook. And, knowing every one of your friends house numbers off by heart was the norm. From the Tamagotchi's to the Rice Necklaces we really had it all. So, get out your Discman's and Cassette Players, throw on some All Saints and enjoy the journey back to the 90s...

1) Colored Hair Extensions

All 90s kids will remember the day they got their first colored hair extension from Wigwam. Mine was blue and god did I think it looked cool.


2) Parachute Pants

Clarissa Explains It All and Saved By The Bell showcased parachute pants as the most recent fad. MC Hammer introduced them to the fashion world, who reinvented them over in the early 90's. To say looking back that they are the most unattractive trousers is an understatement.


3) Tamagotchi

I treated my Tamagotchi as if it was my child, and when my first one died it was, I hate to admit, heartbreaking. These took over the 90s for a good year and then were never to be seen again.

4) Platform Sketchers


Thanks to The Spice Girls a lot of the 90s was spent trying to find that perfect pair of platforms. I found mine in Sketchers. I couldn't walk very well in them but I thought I was the coolest kid out there.

5) Buffalo Shoes

Every 90s kids will remember buffalo shoes. And, how euphoric you would feel when you're feet were big enough to move onto the much cooler and older sketchers. Remember the ones with the flames?


6) Rice Necklace

Remember those necklaces with the rice in them and you had your name in it too? I can't believe how much I loved these. They are hideous.

7) Furbys


I loved my Furbys...a lot. But I must admit, at times they did scare the crap out of me.

8)Hard Candy Nail Polish

Hard Candy's nail polishes were the coolest things in the 90s. They came in such slick colors and a ring came with each bottle.


9) Watching These 3 Movies

I watched these three movies over and over again when I was growing up. I knew every line off by heart.

10) Disposible Cameras


There would be utter excitement when I would get my disposible camera photos developed. Then if there was any I didn't like, I would immediately rip them up and put them in the bin.

11) Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens were the best. There were so many patterns and colors to choose from. I wore these constantly as a 90s kid.


12) Discman

Discman's were the 90's iPod. Bringing your Discman places, with your CD case, had you set up for a wonderful evening.

13) Choker Necklaces

Choker necklaces were the top accessory of the 90s. All the actors and popstars wore them. They were just so bloody cool.


14) Slap Bracelets

Slap Bracelets were as bang on trend as they were fun to play with. Everyone loved a good slap bracelet.

15) Butterfly Clips

Butterfly clips were the ultimate hair accessory in the 90s. Every celeb wore them at one stage or another.


16) Printed Bike Shorts

Saved By The Bell and Clarissa Explains It All were the epitome of printed biker shorts. I would even wear them under a pair of shorts. They were glorious.

17) Yin Yangs

These necklaces were just awful. Yes, even worse than the Rice Necklaces. Yin Yangs were hip and cool in the 90s, making them the must-have accessory.


18) Gigantic Logos

There was no such thing as tacky in the 90s. The bigger the logo the better. And, the more logos at once was perfection!


19) Mood Rings

90s kids loved mood rings and believed they were magical. You would put on the ring and the color it turns would tell your mood. Now, that seems very strange!

20) Prints...So Many Prints

The 90s was all about prints and different prints all at once.

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Lauren Rol: A UCD graduate who spends most of her time watching the Soaps. A devout fan of Chinese food and a French Bulldog obsessive.

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