33 Underrated Cities Every Student Should Definitely Visit

Everyone's least favourite part of going to big tourist cities is, well, the tourists. While it's always nice to see the most popular cities, it's often more fun and exciting to head off the beaten path and explore cities less traveled. Here's some of the best ones that you should plan to travel to on your next adventure!

1. Innsbruck, Austria

What's there: lots of churches, skiing, and the Imperial Palace.

2. Lisbon, Portugal

What's there: an aquarium, Chiado Street, and the Tower of Belem.


3. Medellin, Colombia

What's there: the Metrocable, multiple museums, and Arvi Park.

4. Havana, Cuba

What's there: Old Havana, the National Museum of Fine Arts, and the Hemingway museum.


5. Mont St. Michel, France

What's there: Abbaye du Mont-Saint-Michel, Tour du Nord, and the Roy Port.

6. Hoi An, Vietnam

What's there: Hoi An Ancient Town, Thuan Tinh Island, and lots of spas.


7. Taipei, Taiwan

What's there: Elephant Mountain, Yangmingshan National Park, and Lungshan Temple.

8. Basel, Switzerland

What's there: Rheinfahre, the Fine Arts Museum, and the zoo.


9. Bratislava, Slovakia

What's there: Bratislava Old Town, Devin Castle, and lots of churches and cathedrals.

10. Seoul, South Korea

What's there: The War Memorial, Gyeongbokgung Palace, and Bukhansan National Park.


11. Gdansk, Poland

What's there: the Old Town, Mariacka Street, and lots of churches and cathedrals.

12. Puebla, Mexico

What's there: Cathedrals everywhere, the Palafoxiana library, and the African Safari.


13. Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy

What's there: The Giau Pass, Lake Sorapiss, and Cinque Torri.

14. Gothenburg, Sweden

What's there: Southern Archipelago, the Botanical Garden, and the Volvo Museum.




15. Valencia, Spain

What's there: Central Market, lots of plazas, and lots of churches.


16. Hampi, Karnataka, India

What's there: Vithala Temple Complex, the Monkey Temple, and the elephant stables.

17. Budapest, Hungary

What's there: Castle Hill, the Danube, and the Chain Bridge.


18. Luzern, Switzerland

What's there: Mount Pilatus, Lake Luzern, and Old Town Lucerne.

19. Krakow, Poland

What's there: Main Market Square, Lost Souls Alley, and the Polish Aviation Museum.


20. St. Petersburg, Russia

What's there: The Grand Palace, the Catherine Palace and Park, and lots of churches.

21. Porto, Portugal

What's there: The Rio Douro, Ponte de D. Luis, and the Bolsa Palace.


22. Kotor, Montenegro

What's there: the Bay of Kotor, Castle of San Giovanni, and the City Walls.

23. Strasbourg, France

What's there: the Notre Dame Cathedral of Strasbourg, La Petite France, and the Strasbourg covered bridges.


24. Nara, Japan

What's there: Todai-ji Temple, Nara Park (where deer roam freely), and the Kasuga Grand Shrine.

25. Bruges, Belgium

What's there: Burg Square, Flanders Fields Battlefield tours, and Belfort.


26. Ferrara, Italy

What's there: castles, churches, and the National Archaeology Museum.

27. Marseille, France

What's there: the Old Port, Abbaye Saint Victor, and Palais Longchamp.


28. Granada, Nicaragua

What's there: Mombacho Volcano, the Islets of Granada, and ChocoMuseo.

29. Prague, Czech Republic

What's there: The Old Town, Charles Bridge, and St. Vitus Cathedral.


30. Dubrovnik, Croatia

What's there: the Ancient City Walls, the Old Town, and the Dubrovnik Cable Car.

31. Copenhagen, Denmark

What's there: the Tivoli Gardens, Rosenborg Castle, and The National Museum of Denmark.


32. Colmar, France

What's there: the Old Town, Little Venice, and lots of museums.

33. Heidelberg, Germany

What's there: Heidelberg Castle, Philosophers' Way, and the Student Jail.



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