5 Best Ways To Sneak Booze Into A Festival

Picture it like this, you've just spent €60 or even €150 on seeing one of your favourite bands or DJs in action at one of the many festivals and concerts taking place this summer. With all that hard earned cash spent just to get into the venue there isn't much spare change to use on the essential concert companion... Drink!

Venue mark up on alcohol is astonishing these days with some stalls selling pints for 6 or 7 euro! These euro really do add up, especially when  you stumble into multiple beverage consumed territory. So how does one go about getting in those all important bottles and cans into a venue? Here are 5 quick and easy solutions...

Hollow Out Some Bread...

The Finished Product

I don't know how much less suspicious or strange you're going to look walking up to a bunch of security guards with a loaf of bread but we heard this worked a treat for a group down at Body & Soul recently and it's definitely more comfortable then sticking it down your pants.


Ziploc Bags

The age old trick. Seems like we've all been doing this for as long as we can remember, the flexibility and durability of the Ziploc bag makes it a prime alcohol transportation unit as it can be manipulated to fit into any crack or free space you might find. Tip - shove it down your pants with the top just above your belt line, no bouncer will ever touch you there..

The Wine Rack / Beer Belly

From the genius minds over at the BeerBelly, a company who specialise  in making the latest in stealthy beverage consumption, The Beer Belly and it's female counterpart, the Wine Rack are designed for hiding a large amount of booze and making it look natural. Girls it'll make you look a lot better, Guys it'll make you look fat but who cares when you can fit around 6 cans in it!


Dig A Hole!

This is for the real pros and requires a lot of forethought and scoping out the venue. If your in an outdoor space like Marlay or Phoenix park, spend some time digging a hole, it doesn't have to be a big hole like the man above but enough to fit a six pack of beers. Remember X marks the spot, so don't forget where you're leaving those precious tinnies!

Sun Cream Bottle

The last resort, make sure you absolutely clean out the inside of the bottle before use as some users of this method have reported feeling quite ill after consumption of large quantities of sun cream. It should also be noted at this point that we wouldn't recommend using the spray bottles either as vodka in the eye could ruin even the best day. Comes with risks but a bouncer is never going to confiscate this from you, unless of course it's raining!

Shane Johnston
Article written by
Editor for CollegeTimes, UCD graduate and music lover. [email protected]

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