5 Dodgy Christmas Tunes

With Christmas comes a renewed sense of wonder, inspiration and gratitude for all things valuable in life. But what also comes are Christmas tunes. Some are good. Some become increasingly annoying. Some are just terrible mistakes that should never have been made. Today, let's remind ourselves of the latter category so that future artists may never repeat them again!

Johnny Robinson- "It's Christmas Time Again"

The video says it all.


Justin Bieber- "Mistletoe"


You will hear from the Bieber again before this list is at an end. This particular song is just cheesy. Cheesy as it could have been. So cheesy that the founder of Cheesestrings would have to bow out


Britney Spears- "My Only Wish"

Britney adds her trademark "mmm baby, baby" to a Christmas tune.



Band Aid 20- "Do They Know It's Christmas?"

We shouldn't diss this because it's for charity and so and so... But would it have killed someone to write an original song instead of repeating the already over-played 1984 hit? Was that such an unfathomable task?



Justin Bieber and Mariah Carey- "All I Want For Christmas"

It's creepy above all else. Mariah Carey, now middle-aged, flirting with Bieber who is at the same time advertising the latest merchandise in order to bankroll this heavily miscalculated remake of the classic.

Andrew Carolan
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Andrew (b. 1991) is the main music-editor. When not correcting the haphazard grammar of his brother and co-editor Matthew, Andrew enjoys listening to old rock and pop music, thinking about his favourite animals and playing piano.

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