5 Fab Ways To Be More Sustainable In Everyday Life!

5 Fab Ways To Be More Sustainable In Everyday Life!

This week's VodafoneXCast is all about sustainability.

Host Greg O'Shea is joined by Becca Payling of Trinity Environmental Soc, Kaley Nolan of UCC Vegan Soc and Janet van Klaveren of NUIG Environmental Soc.

On the pod, the trio delve into the fascinating world of sustainability. There are a number of tips throughout on how to develop a sustainable mindset and habits, discover amazing plant-based foodie inspiration, decrease your waste, make a difference with your fashion choices and be more mindful of the biodiversity our environment depends on.

With all those points in mind, we've assembled the five best tips from the podcast on how to be more sustainable!

Here are five fab ways to be more sustainable in everyday life:

Introduce More Plant-Based Foods Into Your Diet

The agriculture industry has a huge impact on the environment. Eating the products of industrial farming and fishing can have a hugely detrimental effect on the environment as a whole.


There are a multitude of different options when it comes to your diet, but even if you don't want to be fully vegetarian or vegan, small changes to your diet can make a big difference!

A top tip when trying to incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet is to follow @thelittlegreenspoon or @naturalbornfedder on instagram for inspo, they have a tonne of delicious plant-based recipes for you to try!

Buying Second-hand Clothes

Rather than advocate for fast fashion, one of the most exploitative and damaging industries on the planet, buying second-hand clothes is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

In-person charity shops and vintage shops maybe be slowly reopening, but Depop, Ebay and online marketplaces are brilliant places to pick up a bargain.


If you need an example, how about Emerald Isle Sports? Vintage sportswear is a huge industry nowadays, and Emerald Isle Sports might be the best in the business in this country.

Our friends over at delved further into their archives which you can read here.

Visit Emerald Isle Sports on Depop.

Seek Alternatives To Cars

Public transport infrastructure in Ireland has a long way to go in order to be a firm alternative to private transport, but utilising it when you can, or better yet hopping on your bike, can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint.


Petroleum industries produced the most emissions out of any industry in the world, and although sometimes using the products of these industries are unavoidable, making conscious choices regarding transport can help a lot.

Also, hopping on the bike is better for you!


Protecting Local Wildlife and Insects

It can be difficult to ascertain what you can do as an individual to help the fauna in your local area, but simple things can make a big difference.


Allowing your garden to grow and wildflowers to blossom can have a marked impact on the conditions of the insect population of your garden.

We all want to save the bees, so you can protect them by not spraying the bases of hedges and only cutting hedges between September and March.


Supporting Sustainable Local Businesses

Supporting local business is important in an economic sense, but when those businesses are ethical and sustainable, that makes it even better.


Local coffee shops and cafes are brilliant places to stimulate local investment.

But, this also extends to buying clothes and accessories, and stores like iubi Design on Depop is a perfect example of a local, ethically-sourced business.

Add a splash of colour to any outfit with these class (and HAND-MADE) accessories. Did we tell you they're made of CLAY?

Visit iubi Design on Depop.

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Sean Meehan

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