The 5 Levels You Go Through Before You Blackout

Alcohol is a remarkable beverage that brings people together. We use it at all types of events like parties, weddings, tailgates, and the list goes on. Nevertheless we all have had those moments where we got absolutely hammered beyond belief. In this article I will share and analyze the five levels you go through before you Blackout and at the end we will talk about the so called “Blacked Out Stage” in specific detail.

Now let’s get started

1st Level:

Sober Stage – This is the worst level for some of us because the only thing on our mind is getting hammered. The sober stage can be really dreadful for the people that are at an event with their friends that got liquored up before them. They want to get on the same level as their friends so they start downing a ton of alcohol in a short amount of time. I’ve been there and done that and I can tell you from experience doing this has giving me some chaotic times.

2nd Level:


Anticipation Stage – This is an interesting level because you have had some drinks but you don’t really feel anything. Okay, you may feel the burn of the shot you just took going from your throat down to your stomach or the taste of the beer in your mouth, but you don’t feel a buzz. This is where a lot of people try to drink more not knowing that they have to wait for the alcohol to settle in. Some people can do it and be fine while others can’t handle it and their night ends early.

3rd Level:

Tipsy Stage – This is where you start to feel the buzz running through your body. You’re getting a little more excited because you’re actually starting to get on a decent level. You’re not sober, but you’re not too liquored up as well.

4th Level:

Drunk Stage – Now you are on a pretty good level. You feel the happiness running through your body and you feel the alcohol starting to settle in. You get this adrenaline that stimulates your mind and puts you in the mentality to have a good time. This is the stage where you start vibing naturally with people especially if they are as drunk as you. I feel like this is the most critical stage because some people want to maintain this feeling without going up or down a level. How much alcohol you drink during a specific time span can control whether that happens or not.

5th Level:

F*CKED UP – This is my favorite level because now you feel like the world is yours and everybody is living in it. You’re loose as hell and the only thing you care about is having a good time. The only problem about this level is that there is a thin line between staying this plastered and Blacking Out.

Now that we know the five levels you go through before you Blackout, let’s get talk about the actual level of Blacking Out.

Last Level: BLACKED OUT!!!!!! : I also like to call this level the point of no return. We have all reached this point at least one time in our lives. This is the level where you make those crazy ass stories that just don’t normally happen. This is where you randomly tell your friends how much you love them or you make those risky decisions you wouldn’t even consider if you were sober. This is the stage where you wake up and wonder how the hell you got home. In my opinion the best part of Blacking Out is the next day when you meet up with your friends and you guys start talking about what happened when you guys when out. Every story you guys share brings back to life some of the memories you had forgotten. It still amazes me till this day how you can be partying your ass off, and then suddenly wake up like it was all a dream.

In conclusion, Blacking Out is one hell of an experience. For some people it happens once in a blue moon and for others it happens every time they go out, never the less you have to love those good times you can’t remember with the people you won’t forget.

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