5 Of The Best Modern Rockabilly Events And Venues For You To Enjoy

Rockabilly wasn't just a time and place in America; it was a lifestyle. Everything from its style, culture and music has made its own significant print on society. You don't have to stray too far from the nest to enjoy a time-warped night of 1950s rockabilly fun! Here's some of the best modern Rockabilly events and venues for you to enjoy!

1. Rockin' Dublin.

Rockin' Dublin is back with a wild night of Rockabilly in the Voodoo Lounge on the 1st November with Bill Fadden and the Ryythmbusters.Take three members of the legendary Rimshots and add Bill Fadden (The Silvertone Flyers, The Tag Alongs, Mostly Losers) and you've got just about the craziest rockin' foursome

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2. Imelda May.

This modern Rockabilly musician is a mainstay on the Irish and UK music scene and you won't be able to stop yourself dancing with her soulful voice and swinging live band. Her musical ability and outstanding vocal range are a potent combination on stage. She's renown for her rockabilly revival style of music and has been compared to female jazz musicians such as Billie Holiday, and her track "Johnny Got A Boom Boom" drew universal acclaim.Imelda May tours through the UK before arriving home to play in Kerry and Dublin this November!


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3. The Enchantment Under The Sea Dance At The Sugar Club.

Power up the flux capacitor and hop into the DeLorean! This 15 November, The Producers will transform Dublin’s The Sugar Club for a reimagining of Back to the Future’s 1955 Enchantment Under the Sea Dance. The audience get to experience the 1950s Hill Valley High School Prom, have your photo taken, and drink punch and swing-dance to the live band, Marvin and The Starlighters. Bring the scene alive by dressing up in your 1950s Rockabilly gear!

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4. Dice Bar.

Dice Bar has been described as "a little slice of New York" by patrons, who go there for the classic drinks, old-school feel, 50s bepop and Rockabilly tunes and great snacks. The beautiful thing about Dice Bar is that you'll always see some people dancing away to these classic songs on their playlist.

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5. Thomas House.

You can come here any night of the week for a few drinks and enjoy good tunes. They play a host of different genres of music on selected nights, with Rockabilly a mainstay at this Dublin bar. They also switch it up by playing some 50s jazz and blues.

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