The Coolest Men That I Aim To Be More Like

Rockabilly wasn't just a time and place in America; it's a lifestyle. Everything from its style, culture and music has made its own significant print on society, so much so that it's survived more than half a century later and is still influencing contemporary artists in their style and music. The rockabilly look is very distinct and unique, and here's some of the slickest men to sport that style, and some of them with a modern twist.

Steve McQueen.

Steve McQueen was born in Indiana in the USA and is one of the most celebrated actors in the history of film. He was an avid dirt bike rider, and loved to fly airplanes, and even owned a few himself. McQueen was an iconic figure of the 50s and 60s, and his rockabilly style and dress sense during that time were just one of the many traits which attracted so many female fans.

James Dean.

James Dean lived a short life, but in his 24 years, became a cultural icon and imprinted his name in American culture forever. "Rebel Without A Cause" and "East Of Eden" were his two most celebrated films which drew him universal acclaim and are still talked about today. Dean had a unique look and incredible acting talent, and he is often referred to in hit songs, old and new, with artists like Lana Del Rey, David Essex and Skid Row paying tribute to Dean in their songs.


Jon Hamm.

Starring in the 1960s ad agency industry series of New York, "Mad Men", Hamm has really come into his own and his acting is finally flourishing on screen. Hamm's look has stemmed from the 1950s rockabilly era and he has shown that men can sport this retro look and stand out from the crowd.

Elvis Presley.

Arguably the most iconic and influential musical artist in the history of sound, Elvis Presley or, "The King" is one of the most recognisable faces that the music industry has ever seen, and he drove women absolutely crazy for him. A combination of his musical ability, confidence, dance moves and style saw Elvis skyrocket to stardom and his innovative rockabilly hairstyle flick capped off The King's distinct look.


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