The 5 Types Of Girls You Meet On A Night Out

So lads, you know the story, you're out on the pull, expecting to meet some lovely ladies to have the craic, possibly more if you're lucky enough. Brace yourselves though, they're not ALL Jennifer Lawrence types... I know, it's upsetting. The ladies did one for us... so now it's our turn.

1. The Stalker

Give her too much time and you're stuck with her for the whole night, if not forever. It's pretty easy to suss out if a girl is like this from the moment you meet, she'll generally start off as the materialistic Vip Cling On (see point 4) and gradually devolve into a mere booze fueled shadow of her former self, all logic and rationale is thrown out the window and she behaves like a cray cray bitch. Texts you first thing in the morning asking what you're doing, best to nip this one in the bud, for her sake.

2. The Really Really Hot One 

Usually surrounded by other females, working in a pack to attract the wolves who are circling around them. The thing about ridiculously hot girls is, sometimes they can be really lovely people, giving everyone an equal amount of attention. Other times, they can be entitled bitches who reckon they have a celebrity status because of their tiny waist and skinny thighs. They've grown up being told they should be models, believing that they can base their future success on their genetic make up, and so haven't really developed a personality. If you get in their way and you're not 'worthy of them' they'll look at you with that 'can I help you?' scowl. Oh, you'll know it when you see it. Best to leave them to the number 5s of this list.



3. The C*ck Blocker

This girl is just the worst. She’s the annoying friend of the girl that you’re trying to talk to. The worst part about this girl is that you’ll be so close to making some progress. You’ll have bought her last 3 rounds. You've probably even kissed her. You’ll be on the way out of the club, when BAM, The Cock Blocker swoops in and reminds your girl of her huge day tomorrow. Who knows if you’ll ever see your girl again? The Cock Blocker strikes again... Shame on you girls, shame.

4. The Photographer

This girl is taking a picture every 30 seconds. The worst thing about this is that 90 percent of the time, she’s not even taking the picture, she's asking people to take pictures of her and her 'gurlos'. Cocktails, duck faces, pouting, doing that weird thing where they put their hands on their hips and lean over, they will make sure to get all these photos. What's worse is the evidence the next day on Facebook... Best night ever!!! Was it really though?


5. And... The One Who Drinks All The Drinks

This girl seems like she showed up falling over. She’s getting guys to buy all the drinks, scoring multiple guys, or girls, and of course, giving out to someone (usually an ex) for something they did years ago. She also thinks she's a stripper and will use props in an attempt to show this. Steer clear of her... She's going to wake up with the fear in the morning, best to not add yourself into that mix.

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