6 Ways to Actually Have Fun at the Gym

For most collegiettes, the gym is probably not what you would consider your “happy place” (If it is, more power to ya). At the gym, you’re in a perpetual state of being sticky and sweaty, you think everyone is judging you and you may feel the need to compete with the gym rat next to you who is running at lightning speed. You treat exercising there the same way you would homework: You know you should do it, but you dread every moment of the task. If this is your outlook, clearly it’s time to make a change! By following these tips, you’ll be on the road to making the gym your “Happy Place,” or at least something closer to it!

1. Set up a healthy reward system for yourself


Consistently working out can be tough for many of us to accomplish, so you should definitely celebrate when you meet your workout goal for the week. You don’t want to reward yourself with extra dessert and undo all of your hard work, so give yourself a reward that is just enough to make you feel happy and motivated to keep going.

2. Change up your workout playlist



Listening to the same 12 songs on your gym playlist can be helpful since you can build your workout around it, but eventually the songs will get dull. Every so often, switch up your playlist completely and try new artists. Spotify has tons of playlists you can listen to without a premium membership that cater to every workout —cardio, dancing, lifting, running and more. You may even want to try listening to something other than music. Download an audiobook or subscribe to your favorite podcasts; that way, you can catch up on the book you haven’t had time to read or even listen to your favorite comedians.


3. Track your progress with gym selfies


Snap a self-portrait each time you go to the gym to document your overall goal. Even if your overall reason for working out is to stay active and fit and not necessarily to lose weight, this option can still work for you. If you’re feeling energetic and are having a successful workout, snap a pic with your biggest smile. If you’re having an off day, show it by making a frowning face in your selfie. By the time you reach your fitness goal, you can look back on your journey—you’ll be guaranteed a good laugh if nothing else.


4. Compete with your roommates


Use your competitive nature to your and your roomies’ advantage by creating friendly competition you can all partake in each month. Whether you keep logs on who hit the gym the most often per week or who spent the longest time at the gym per outing, set up some sort of prize for the winner. It can be something little, like a free pass from garbage duty for the next few weeks, or an iced coffee on each of your roommates. Just don’t get too out of hand; if you both hit your goals for the week, you can tie and treat each other!



5. Try a fitness app


There are tons of fitness apps out there that will make you eager to hit the gym, like Nike+ Training Club, Moves and Zombies, Run! The best apps out there will do far more than remind you to exercise or tell you how many sets and reps of crunches you should do. Zombies, Run! is particularly fun because you’re placed in a virtual chasing game where you’re running away from a mob of zombies. The interactive features will have your adrenaline pumping and your mind thinking you’re playing a video game!

6. Play a game with friends



Playing a game with friends is a great option to try out if you’re really close with your floormates or if you want to fit in some extra socializing. Also, if you’re the type of person who hates the feeling of working out in a room full of strangers, this is a fun alternative. You and our mates should then reserve a court or another open facility space where you can all work out by playing a group game like dodgeball or capture the flag. Most university gyms have a policy detailing the minimum number of people you need and how far in advance you need to make a reservation, so check out your facility’s website. So grab some mates and feel the burrn!


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