The Creep & The Fitspiration Guru: 9 People You'll Meet At The Gym

Gym? Who is this Gym everyone keeps talking about? That is about the extent of my gym usage! But there are 9 people you will definitely meet on your road to fitness.

The Equipment Mansplainer

''Have you calibrated the damper settings on your CrossFit machine? No? Let me show you??'' That is your cue to walk away, walk very far away.

The FitBit Obsessive

Permanently tracking their heart rate/blood pressure/calorie burn/urine/eyeball fluid (well maybe not the last two.) The only thing those fit bits don't monitor is how annoying the person wearing it is.


Go Hard, Never Go Home

These people eat, breathe and sleep fitness. They will not be able to hold a conversation with anyone without telling you how many reps or lunges they did that day...

Sexually Grunting Man


''Uuuuuuggghhhh!!!! Hear my work out, hear me burn... MMMMFFFFFFHHHHH'' Somebody get him out please... my poor ears.



The Fitspiration Guru


The Smug Toned lady who wears a tiny t-shirt saying - Excuses Don't Burn Calories.

The Clueless Pals


''Hey Stace, we should work out some time. It'll be fun.''



*Stace brings a bag of chips does 2 squats and has to be airlifted to hospital*

The Gym Creep

''Hey I see you every week. You seem lovely... Look at me rubbing myself up against your locker.'' (Barfs in gym bag)

The KarKrashian


Wears a full face of makeup, instagrams her bum #goals and leaves after 10 minutes.

The Person Who Only Uses The Gym For The TV & Showers.

We like this person. We could be friends with this person

Aoife Connolly

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