The F*cking Genius & The Cool One: The 7 Lecturers You Will Have In College

The most important people you are going to meet if you want to pass your course in college are definitely your lecturers. Unlike your teachers in secondary school, your college lecturers have more freedom to be themselves in front of their class. Here are the 7 lecturers you will definitely encounter during your time in college.

1.) The "Secondary School Teacher At Heart"


Ironically enough, after just stating that lecturers are different to teachers, the first lecturer on our list has the mentality of a secondary school teacher. According to them, they are your superior and they shall be treated as such. These lecturers hate the sight of a phone during their class and tolerate absolutely no bullshit from their students. They also often tend to assign 'homework' that isn't counted towards your final grade. They may also prefer if you called them 'Sir' or 'Miss' because they love formality. Bonus points if they take a roll call!

2.) The "Cool One"



Every college student at some stage or another will come across this man/woman. They are the coolest people over the age of 30 that you will ever meet. They know exactly what's 'hip' and you can only ever strive to be half as cool as them when you're older. They watch the same TV shows as you, enjoy the same movies etc. And best of all, they are totally cool with discussing it! Bonus point if they make a good, relevant pop culture reference.

3.) The "Impossible To Get Marks Off"


These lecturers don't like giving you marks in exams or assignments. These motherfuckers want you to fail. They'll laugh when you have to give up a portion of your summer to resit their exam, then they'll laugh even harder when you fail that too and you find yourself stuck repeating their module the year after. They are the purest form of evil. Bonus point if they fail you by a percentage of a percentage.


4.) The "Boring Blackboard Fanatic"


This lecturer's classes consist of them reading the notes off blackboard word for word in the world's dullest voice. They are blackboards biggest fans! They actually validate every student's favourite quote: "sure the notes will be on blackboard anyway!" These are the most boring lectures you will probably, maybe attend every second or third week. Bonus point if they actually make the class laugh.

5.) The "Fucking Genius"



This person knows what they're talking about, they are also actually interesting to listen to. They know their shit inside out, ask them any question and they'll give you an in-depth answer faster than you can say 'einstein'. They bring a special energy into the room with them that makes you wish you could be half as smart as them. Bonus points if they're a Dr. in what they do.

6.) The "Small Hospital"


These guys are always sick! Every week you find yourself checking your email to find this week's medical update to see if he/she will be able to attend classes or labs. It gets to the point where you wonder how one person could possibly get away with so many sick days. Bonus point if they email saying that the classes still could go ahead later in the week only to email back last minute cancelling again.

7.) The "Storyteller"


This lecturer literally has a story for every possible scenario. Most classes go by and you find that you've learned more about the lecturer's life than you did about the actual module you're taking. This man/woman is a fucking legend right up until about a week before exams and you find yourself not knowing anything important but you can definitely re-tell your lecturers story about their adventures in Australia in 1998. Bonus point if their story actually ties in with what you're currently learning.

Adam Gilroy

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