Things Girls Do On A Night Out That Are Just Not Sexy

Girls, you might think we don't notice these things... BUT WE DO BECAUSE WE'RE NOT STUPID.

1. Take Selfies

The fascination with selfies has to run dry sooner or of you are more than welcome, but more often than not your Zoolander blue steel impressions just lead to you all looking like various forms of the duck species

2. Too Much Fake Tan

It's been said time after time and yes the right amount is acceptable. But not when we can smell it before we see you..and when we do eventually do see it we're blinded because it's like staring into the sun. Ease off on the tan please...


3. Caked-on Face Makeup.

You look like a combination of one of the stepford wives and an oompa loompa...ALL OF YOU

4. Fake Eyelashes

Stick on eye lashes give me the willies, there, I said it. They induce a transformation that see's a females face instantly become more Giraffe like.


5.  Heels That Are Way Too High...Like Insanely Too High

Ahhh, the female fascination with shoes...Look we get it, you like to be taller than us, or as tall as you can be but it's just downright hilarious when we see someone attempting to mirror a new born Bambi and walk in heels that we just know they can't walk in. You're going to end up barefoot by the end of the night...we know it, your friends know it and more importantly, you know it.

6. Crazy Push-Up Bras.

The concept of having stuffing in your bra to appear bigger is a tad strange. Us guys don't have push up boxers or stuffed hammock get the picture. Never trust something unnatural...could blow right up in your face..


7. Twerking.

NO...just no!! ....Smiley Virus you have started an eye scaring epidemic..just look below, its not sexy, it just looks like someone doing a really shit haka.


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Colin O'Dwyer
Article written by
Media graduate, music nut, musician and connoisseur of the skinny jean. Would've made a better Batman than Affleck!!

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