7 Things You Need To Know About Vapourisers

I think we all know by now about the new trend that is vaping. A common idea behind it is that it's a 'healthy' alternative to smoking, but like many things, it's not that black and white. If you're interested in making the switch or giving it a shot, here's what you need to know:

1) It's unconfirmed about how healthy or unhealthy it really is for you. 


The thing about vapourisers is that they're relatively new. They haven't been around long enough to see what the long-term effects are. A few studies about the immediate effects have raised some red flags over certain health risks that come with vaping, so when your friend says they're healthier than smokes, he could be telling the truth, but really it's too early to tell. So if you do make the switch, just accept you're taking the risk that you could wake up one morning with balls growing out of your face in a few decades or so...

2) It's super addictive.



I vaped for a while back when it first came out and I thought it was the healthier option compared to tobacco. I was a social smoker back then and I thought that this would be a better alternative for drunken nights out. I found in a short space of time that I was totally hooked, and couldn't stop. I'd never been a heavy smoker, but I was a ridiculous vaper. It's pure nicotine you're inhaling; it's real easy to just sneak a few puffs and put it away again and it tastes so much better. It's a winning combination for a crippling addiction.
3) There are a lot of different types. 


Whether you want to get one that looks like a cigarette or one that looks like a bond gadget that blows up when you press it, you've got options. What's the difference between them all? Each different brand or model will offer you different choices of flavours, strengths, how long it lasts, yadda, yadda, yadda. I'm not a sales clerk or an amazon page, just google that shit.

4) It's an expensive startup.


A lot like investing in a straight razor; the initial cost is hefty, but the long term benefit is worth it if you take the time to choose the right model. The cost can range anywhere from €30 - €300 and it entirely depends on the quality, compatibility with vapour liquids and how long you want it to last you.


5) It WILL kill you.


I know I said earlier that they don't know how dangerous it really is, but it can still kill you. The thing about nicotine is that it's actually extremely poisonous. Like so poisonous that one drop could have you drop dead. It's ok with cigarettes because it's not as concentrated nor is it a liquid, but with a vapouriser, digest some of that liquid by accident and you'll be a dead man walking. So yeah, be careful.

6) A lot of people might consider you a douche/hipster/poser etc.


It goes with the territory. If you take the lesser known road you'll meet a lot of people who think you're doing it for all the wrong reasons. They'll approach you just to lecture you on their half-baked opinions and thoughts, and fail to ask why you started it in the first place. They'll think you're a douche or a showoff, without really taking the time to find out that you have a great personality. Everyone else who isn't a judgemental prick will want to try it, and if you don't share you're a dick, so be prepared to give a load handouts. Yay for socialism.

7) There's an endless amount of flavours to puff, puff, pass.


The flavours available to you when you start might seem overwhelming, especially if you're not used to such a grand amount of choice and you've bought one of the bigger vapourisers. If, however, you like hookahs, shishas or inhaling lots of fruity and weird flavours like chocolate and red bull, then maybe it's time to get off the smokes and hop on board the vape train.

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