A College Times Guide To The Best Night Ever

We here at College Times know a thing or two about a good night out, believe me. From pre-drinks to dancing until your little feet hurt, we've done the oh so tough legwork so you don't have to (seriously, it's a hard job guys, ok?). So forget listening to your friend Sean and his fabulous ideas of kegstands and six DJs, Sean doesn't really know anything (sorry Sean). Here's the College Times guide to the best night ever:

It's all about good company.


It's true what they say you know, it's not about the flashy strobe lights, the 'world class' DJ or the tight dress that you spent last week's dinner money on. The true and real makings of a great night out lie within those surrounding you. Forget the friends who insist on spending the night in the toilet, the friends who create fights and drama and instead, focus your efforts on the friends who live to have fun, who love to dance and who, in short, will just enhance your night and make it one to remember.

Looking good doesn't mean feeling uncomfortable.



That bandage dress may make you look great (if you do say so yourself), but does it make you feel comfortable, free and at ease? DOUBTFUL! It's all about looking good and feeling good, yes, but unless you're comfortable running around in those sky-high stilettos all night, then leave them at home and wear something flattering. You won't regret it, promise.

Eating is NOT cheating.


Contrary to popular belief, eating before you drink isn't cheating, it's common sense. Drinking on an empty stomach only leads to big regrets and sore heads and that's just no fun now, is it? Grab something, anything, whether it's a bowl of pasta or some cereal, anything's better than nothing.

Keep the next day free.



There's nothing that quite spoils a night out like having to get up and study/ work/ be a human the next day. Now, I get that more often than not it's just not feasible to take a whole day off (not that that stops you anyway), but every once in a while, it's a nice treat to book some time off after a heavy night out to catch up on some TV and to eat to your heart's content. Bliss.

Find the right drink for you.


What suits one person perfectly in terms of alcoho might just not work for you and vice versa. Sure, Sinead might be able to chug six pints of larger and feel fine, but you can barely stomach one and that's ok. Try something different, stay away from the drinks that drive you over the edge and if you're in the mood for something different, then why not try Red Bull Tropical with rum? It tastes like Lilt which is reason enough if you ask me....

Talk to everyone, make an effort and be sociable.



What's the point in going out if you're going to just stick to your usual confines and not mix with a single soul? Nights out are a great way to meet new people, mix in different circles and to gain some confidence in the art of small talk (hell, it's a lot easier over the loud music and smoke machines anyway).

Now is not the night to try that new dive bar meets spaghetti restaurant.


Or maybe it is if you're that kind of person, but I always find that the best nights out are the ones that take place in my old favourite haunts or even somewhere I used to love but haven't visited in a while. Why? Maybe it's the comfort, the familiarity, or the fact that you don't spend half the night trailing around looking for everyone. Or maybe you're just having the best.night.ever!


The tunes are imperative to success.


A good playlist can make or break a night out. Think about it. Good tunes make everyone happier, want to have more fun, relax more and stay around longer, so if you're having a house party, put together a few great playlists to keep the party going, and if you're going out? Hit up the venues where you just know they have the best of the best music. Meet you on the dancefloor!

Lastly, relax and enjoy yourself!


Forget worrying about school, about money, your parents, your ex, about the fact that you're now nearly an official adult because tonight isn't about all that. No, tonight is about having fun, letting loose, laughing, dancing until your feet hurt and forgetting about all the other stuff. You're only young once, right? Enjoy!

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