7 Things We (Secretly) Hate About Christmas

7 Things We (Secretly) Hate About Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, which means all those things that we are supposed to love, but we secretely actually hate are around the corner too...


The Crowds

Grafton Street looks like the line up to a One Direction ticket that serves free beer. It’s impossible to get anywhere or buy anything without waiting at least 45 minutes in a cue and being forced to get whatever item you originally wanted in the wrong size and color.


The Lights


So many houses are starting to put up those blinking Christmas lights that any epileptic going for a walk post Sunday dinner is doomed to get a seizure.


The Charities

Albeit an awful thing to hate, the amount of people hounding you on the street to give to some niche charity is annoying. I already give to 27 charities; I don’t want to be stalked on the street on top of that. I’m a student; you think if I had money to give I’d be wearing these shoes?




The Winter Weight

it seems like everything you eat over the Christmas holidays if piling on the pounds faster than a supersize me diet. You can call it your beer blanket or your festive fat but the truth is we’re all getting pudgier and thanking god for heavy woolie knits.

gomez eating

The Parody Christmas Songs


the first day of December everyone religiously switches their radio stations to Christmas FM in excitement of some Christmas cheer. By 4pm you want to strangle yourself with tree lights. It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for those god awful parody songs like – Grandma got Run over by a Reindeer or anything by J- Biebs.



The Costs

No one is ever more broke than they are around the holidays. If presents alone don’t drain your alimony, the constant nights out and office parties to suit up for will. By mid December we’re all eating spaghetti hoops on toast and chancing ticketless rides in on the Luas.


The Weather

Ireland is not cut out for fun thoughts over the holidays. It’s not going to be a white Christmas. It’s going to be a miserable wet Christmas. Enjoy that Christmas morning snowball fight made up of mud and small rocks.


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