Tragic Scenes As Family Resorts To Eating Bountys From Celebrations Box

Tragic Scenes As Family Resorts To Eating Bountys From Celebrations Box

There were solemn scenes in Gorey, County Wexford as a family had to resort to eating Bounty bars from the Celebration box after devouring the rest of the sweets in the house.

James and Mary Tomkins were under the impression that they were well stocked in the confectionary department having been given various boxes of Roses, Heroes as well as Celebrations.

But the mood was far from celebratory this morning as Killian Tomkins, visiting from Australia for the holidays, came into the kitchen to find the mini version coconut filled bar as the only option for a chocolate treat.

Mr. Tomkins then informed the rest of the family of the news and after a two hour search where the entire family of five scoured every nook and cranny in their abode for another option, they were left with the sobering idea of having to consume the Bountys.

Speaking to College Times, Mary Tomkins spoke of her disappointment at having the bounties as the only confectionary left in the house:


I'm still in shock truth be told, I thought we had a heap of mars bars left... The mood is very low at the moment I will say that. Poor James has been sick twice, he just can't keep those Bounties down. He hates them.

When asked if she would consider throwing the rest of the Bountys in the bin and buying more selection boxes Mrs. Tomkins refuted the notion:

Oh God no, sure Christmas is over I can't be going around buying Christmas selection boxes when it's nearly 2018. People would think that I've gone soft. I wouldn't have it.

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Eoin Lyons

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