7 Things You Need to Know About Your Workout Clothes

1. Those leggings are expensive for a good reason

Shopping for workout clothes can put a dent in your wallet. If you’re looking for name brand or designer workout clothes, you’ll definitely have to splurge a little. But why are workout clothes so expensive? Higher priced workout clothes made with sweat-wicking abilities and UV protection will last longer. If you’re worried about the price tag, keep in mind that the items you’re looking at will likely have better performance than cheaper items. It will be worth it in the long run (pun kind of intended)!

2. Wash the entire outfit after every use

Some people think it’s okay to wear workout clothes more than once before washing them. However, this can cause bacteria and yeast to build up, especially if your gear is tight-fitting. Doing an extra load of laundry is definitely worth avoiding bacteria growth!


3. Let each piece dry before putting it in the hamper


If you put sweaty workout clothes into your laundry basket without letting them dry, you’re giving them an environment to grow bacteria in. You may think this doesn’t matter since you’re washing them anyway, but it can give them an unpleasant odor. In addition to making your clothes smell, putting sweaty workout clothes in your hamper can cause bacteria to grow. After spending the money on nice workout clothes, that's the last thing you'll want! This simple hack will save you a hassle later on and keep your workout clothes smelling fresh and clean.

4. Avoid fabric softener


Although fabric softener can make your clothes smell good, it’s not ideal for workout clothing. If you want your clothes to smell good, try a scented laundry detergent instead. If you spend the money on nice workout clothes, you want them to last!

5. Avoid high heat

Hot water and heat can break down the fabric your clothes are made with and lead to shrinkage. When washing your workout clothes, make sure you put them in cold water. When it comes to drying them, air drying is your best option. Drying on low heat if it's a must. If you don’t have the time to air dry, it’s okay to put your clothes in the dryer on the lowest heat setting. As long as you avoid high temperatures as often as you can, your workout clothes should last longer and fit you like they did when you bought them!

6. The best materials are...



When it comes time to buy some new workout clothes, you'll want to know which materials are the best. Mesh, nylon and lycra are your best friends, cotton is not. They are designed to draw sweat away from the body. The most important thing to remember is to wear workout clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident!

7. Wear them with confidence

Wearing workout clothes that make you feel confident is extremely important. If you feel more comfortable in loose clothing, go with that. If you feel like you have more flexibility and range of motion in more form-fitting pieces, go ahead and rock it! Now that you know the ins and outs of your workout clothes, you should have no problem hitting all your fitness goals! If you’re spending the money on nice workout clothes, be sure to take care of them correctly so they’ll last you as long as possible. You won’t only look great, but you’ll feel great too.



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