A Basic Girl's Guide On How To Have A Basic Summer

Summer is here and all those detox teas have paid off. Your once a week visit to the gym and the hour you spent on the treadmill have got you the summer body you desperately needed for your trip to the sun with the girls. You've finished your one year makeup course and you're ready for the next three months of fun in the sun. Incase you're left wondering about how to spend your free time, here's how to have the most basic summer ever.

1. Get All Your Summer Clothes In Penney's

Look the same as every other girl by buying your summer attire in Penney's. With t-shirts with bands on them you've definitely never heard of but you'll buy anyway, flip flops that will leave blisters on every inch of your feet and sun hats that you'll see every girl wearing at the festivals this year, Penney's has all you need to look as basic as ever this summer. Three months worth of clothing for under 100 quid? Sure you'd be mad to shop anywhere else.


2. Go To A Beer Garden

Make sure you snapchat the whole time you're there. Otherwise, did you really go? Order a basic Sex On The Beach even though you have no idea what's actually in it, but it has the word sex in it. It has to be good.



3. Dip Dye Your Hair

Be cool and creative and just like every other single girl by dying the ends of your hair some wacky weird colour like pink or purple. Even though you got your inspiration from a friend of a friend's Instagram, you're sure you'll look cool and edgy with this new hairstyle.


4. Wear A Maxi Dress

Another way to look cool and edgy is with your clothes. Imagine how hippy you'll look wearing a skirt that actually covers your ass cheeks?



5. Get A Tattoo

Summer is a time to let your hair down and do things you've always wanted to do. Why not go wild and get that dream catcher tattoo on your ribs you've always wanted? Or a peace sign on your wrist?




6. Go To The Beach

Make sure you get a picture of your legs while you're sunbathing, captioning it ''legs or hotdogs?''


7. Wear Gym Gear For No Reason

Fool people into thinking you're going to the gym by throwing on a pair of latex leggings and high top runners to wear outside. Little do they know, it's just for the mirror selfie you're going to upload to Instagram later.


8. Book A Holiday With The Girls

If staying at home just isn't doing it for you this summer, book a week away in the sun in somewhere like Ibiza or Santa Ponsa. You'll be flying over with every other girl within a 20 mile radius but hey, it will make for a good 'summer 2016' Facebook album.


9. Go To A Festival

Make sure to buy your bindi's and floppy sun hats if you want to look original. Complete your look with a pair of levi denim shorts, a lace crop top and a floral kimono. You'll be sure to look different from everyone else.



10. Get A Boyfriend Before Summer Ends

You've had your share of hook ups this summer but as it comes to an end, you want someone for the winter months ahead. Time to put your hoe days behind you and snatch up the first man you find at the bar before it's too late.

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