8 Struggles Left Handed People Face

Left handed people have it really tough in life. Right handed people just don't get it. The world is literally built to favour them. They have no idea what we, the left handed wonders of the world have to go through every single day. Ok fine, we have items designed for left handed people but it's just not enough dammit.

1. Smudged Paper

I was told constantly in school that I was gonna lose marks because 1) my handwriting was terrible and 2) I was smudging the page. This was said as if it were my fault and I had chosen to cover the side of my left hand with ink and ruin all the work I had just done.

2. Stationary

Binders to this day are the scourge of organized left handers. Same goes for notebooks. They just don't accommodate the direction your hand is coming from. We have to move to nearly the middle of the page to be able to write on the right one and we have to end prematurely when writing on the left one. It's like the world wants us to be messy.

3. Shaking Hands


Nothing starts a job interview off like an awkward as hell handshake. People instinctively put out their preferred hand when shaking so when a right hander puts out their right hand and a leftie their left the two hands are facing the same way. Just look at the picture and put your left hand out.

4. Bumping Elbows.

You're usually gonna get stuck to sit beside a right hander. Statistically anyway and if you are caught on the wrong side of them it's all elbows when you're writing so you both have to position your arms weirdly to try and get around each other but it just doesn't work.


5. People Get Freaked Out

Most don't care but some people are genuinely freaked out when they see you favouring the left hand. Often followed by "are you left handed?" "That's so weird! How do you write like that?". It must be some kind of Uncanny thing.

6. Left Handed Celebrities

It's super exciting when you are watching people write on screen and see they are left handed. So far I've only seen left handed people take notice of the hand they use. Our celebrity brothers and sisters include Barack Obama, Paul McCartney, Scarlett Johansson and Justin Bieber. Those are some good names.

7. Our Choices Are Limited

There are left handed can openers, pens, tools, instruments but the choice is super limited. Sure only 10% of the world is left handed but that doesn't mean the options shouldn't be there. 10% is still a lot of people...


 8. The Desks

College is supposed to be accessible to everybody. This is not true. There's always like one or two of these desks somewhere in the back and most lefties try and get them as soon as they walk into a classroom otherwise you gotta hang your arm off the side of the right handed one.... but there's never enough left handed ones...

Video: What It's Like To Be Left-Handed In A Right-Handed World



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Sean Quigley

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