"You're So Cute!": 13 Struggles Every Baby Faced Person Has To Deal With

I've finished 4 years of college and I still have people asking me if I've made my confirmation yet. Alright, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but people do still ask me when I'm finishing school. I'm 22 and I don't think I look that young (she says in denial thinking that she could still pass for 16.) I've always been made to feel like I was still 12 by others. I went through the struggles in this article and you probably have or will too if you have a baby face. Not to worry my babies, I feel your pain...

1)  People Don't Take You Seriously


Just because I have a round face and chubby cheeks doesn't mean that you can smile at me like I'm a puppy when I'm trying to be serious!

2) You're Always The Cute One



"YOU'RE SO CUTE" G'wan tell me again, tell me so I can hear it for the five hundredth time. I DARE you.

3) You Always Get Asked For ID


There's no point in even waiting to be asked. Have that bad boy in your hand and save yourself the time and mortification.

4) You Have To Convince The Bouncer That Your ID Isn't Fake





Bouncer: "Do you have anything else?"


Me: "Photos from my girls holiday to Marbella? Will they do?"


5) When You Tell People Your Age They Seem Shocked


* Says age* They start laughing and you stand there waiting for them to stop. "Oh I'm sorry, I thought that you were joking." No, I really wasn't.

6) You Still Feel Anxiety Walking Up To Bouncers At A Club Or Bar Even Though You're Over 21


Oh god, they're going to ask me for ID. They won't believe that I'm 22 and I'll be told to step aside with all of the 16-year-olds. WHYYYYYY!


7) Even If You're The Older Sibling People Always Think That You're The Younger One


"How's your older brother?" He's good but he's actually 3 years younger than me. "You'd never think it!" You WHAT? *Sigh*

8) You Probably Get Asked For ID At An Over 18's Film



This is the pits. You know once you're asked for ID at the cinema that you really look like a child. Still, that must mean...Child priced tickets, right? (Wrong)

9) When You Order Alcohol At A Restaurant With Your Family, The Waiter Looks At You Weirdly And Says "ID PLEASE"


Me: "I'll have a blue WKD please."


Waiter: "I'll have your ID please."





10) People That Come To Your Front Door Always Ask If Your Parents Are Home



"Are your parents home?" No. "I'll just come back again." I actually can't even anymore.

11) When You're In A Club, People Older Than You Think That You Snuck In


I was in Bruxelles a couple of weeks ago and a woman said to me "god you must only be 16, did you sneak in?" No I'm 22. She then gives me the 'you're joking face' and I felt like telling the 55-year-old woman to go home to bed. Beeeatch.

12) When Someone Older Hits On You At A Bar You Immediately Think That They're A Peado


Ok, you're definitely coming up on 40 and I definitely don't even look like I've hit 18. RUNNNNNN!!!

13) People Always Say "At Least You'll Look The Same When You're 40." 


Yeah, I suppose that I'll look like I got the elixir of life. Perhaps there's an upside to this after all. Yay!

Clara Caslin
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Clara is a self confessed lipstick addict that loves blogging about beauty and fashion on her blog Chatterbox Clara. She loves 80's music and films and is also obsessed with romantic, classic black and white films and Disney films too! She is a major animal lover and aspires to be a broadcast journalist.

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