8 Tips For Surviving Your First Day Back

Summer is finally over and now it’s time to get back to the grind. We know how hard it is to get back into the swing of things. So here are some tips to help you tackle your first day:

1. Set your alarm from the night before


You’ve slept until 3 in the afternoon all summer, don’t do that on your first day! Not only will waking up late make you rush getting ready for classes, but showing up late for classes won’t leave a good first impression with your professors. Don’t be “that” guy!

2. Look presentable



It’s college, we know. But, try to look decent for the first few weeks! As much as it sucks, people base their first impression on appearances. We’re not saying to look like you just stepped out of Vogue, but look presentable enough that people (including professors) will take you seriously as a student!



Seriously, make this a permanent part of your routine everyday. I know you hear it all the time, but breakfast is the MOST important meal of the day. Your body just spent going about 8 hours WITHOUT some sort of food or water in it. Eating a something in the morning helps break this fast (which is how the word breakfast came about). Breakfast helps give your body fuel, helping you to get through your day and helping you focus in your classes.


4. Try to get a seat as close to the front as possible

DON’T SIT IN THE BACK! You may be tempted but DON’T DO IT. The closer you get to sit in the front, the better you will hear your professor. Not only that, you’ll be WAY less prone to falling asleep, texting, or generally not paying attention.


5. Talk to people



It’s awkward being around new people. But, don’t be shy! Say hi to the people around you. You’re going to spend a whole semester in this class. Making friends will make it easier to deal with the class and it’ll help when you need to do projects, study or when you need notes when you’re absent. Plus, you never know, you might meet someone who will be your new best friend!

6. Take notes


Whether you type up your notes or use a binder, notes are vital to your success. Take good notes from day one! It’ll solidify good note taking habits for the semester, which will help a ton when you study!


7. Introduce yourself to your lecturers


Lecturers are people too! They have hundreds of students a day, so it’s hard for them to put a name to a face. After class, or during their office hours, go and say hi, introduce yourself! Establishing a correspondence with a professor will help them remember who you are when they are doing grades and, if you need help, it’ll make it that much easier for them because they will know who you are.


It’s a new semester! Go out there, get involved, open yourself up to new experiences. College is the one place where you get to find yourself. Now, go out there, make some friends, study and kick some butt!

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